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About Us

Walang masama na maging maingay. We should express how we feel as citizens of the Philippines. Be noisy for a cause. Be noisy for the right thing.  Let us be Pinoise with common sense. Hindi na kami pagod kasi noisy na kami!

PROUD PINOY,, formerly known as "Pagod Ka Na Bang Maging Si Juan?" is a website dedicated to being a Filipino.  It contains various news regarding the Philippines both good and but but WE HIGHLIGHT THE GOOD NEWS MORE.

We showcase stories of charity, advocacy, heroism and more.  Masasarap maging Pilipino sapagka't tayo ay pino.  Pinili tayong maging pino kaya nga PILI-PINO.


We are encouraging fellow Pilinos to send in their articles, news, and contributions for publication by sending an email to shenbrood16 at gmail dot com. When sending emails include your full name or alias, and add some photos for the article. We can also promote your social media accounts.

We also accept PRESS RELEASES from local companies who are aiming to promote their business.

Magtulungan po tayo! Maging PINOISE! Maging PROUD PINOY!

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