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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

SEA Games 2019 shows Bayanihan among Filipinos

Mishaps after mishaps seem to haunt SEA Games 2019 in the Philippines but despite of that the hosting of the games in the Philippines seems to prove something.  It once again ignited the "BAYANIHAN" spirit among Filipinos.  A virtue in which everyone gives something to help the greater good.

Disclaimer:  This article does not say that there are no problems in the 2019 SEA Games and that investigation should not be done to uncover why it happened.  The purpose of this article is to showcase the response to the problem and how the Filipino virtue of Bayanihan still exists among us.

Southridge School Offers Artificial Pitch

According to a report, Philippine Football Federation (PFF) president Mariano “Nonong” Araneta announced that Southridge School has offered its artificial pitch as one of the practice venues for the tournament.

“There are well-meaning individuals and companies that are willing to help us to make this SEA Games successful. We’re there not to criticize, but to help.” - Mariano "Nonong" Araneta
Besides offering the facilities in the school, he also added that the federation has also released funds to the women's team to ensure that they get enough and quality food.

Ceres Helps Provide Buses for SEA Games 2019

According to Cedelf P. Tupas, who works for Philippine Daily Inquirer, Vallacar Transit and Ceres Negros FC owner Leo Rey Yanson have helped the Philippine Football Federation with the buses.  This will provide new and more comfortable buses to all 17 football teams participating in the SEA Games 2019.

Ceres is already securing the necessary permits from the LTFRB to help out starting Tuesday.  Upon request of PFF, the company already lent 2 buses Saturday night to pick up the Indonesian national team from the airport.

Department of Tourism and Private Tourism Stakeholders

In an interview with the BusinessMirror, Hotel Sales and Marketing Association Inc. (HSMA) President Christine U. Ibarreta confirmed that she had been contacting several of her members to ensure that athlete-guests would be well assisted in their bookings and room assignments, as well as accorded the best service until they leave to go home to their respective countries. - BusinessMirror

On November 26,  the Department of Tourism (DoT) issued a statement saying the agency, along with members of the Tourism Congress of the Philippines (TCP) “remain committed to implementing the best practices in welcoming international guests to the country.”

 Fighting Fake News

Indeed there are tons of mishaps during the initial days of the 2019 SEA Games but aside from that, there are also tons of fake news circulating. We are not saying that when it is a negative news, it is fake news, what we are saying is not everything good and bad is real news, and we should be critical.

There was fake news from SCMP indicating that  Singapore Muslim athletes were served pork at SEA Games.  It was shared many time and created an uproar on social media, fortunately, the news was fake and Channel News Asia published an article to that effect.

The Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) said on Tuesday (Nov 26) that Singapore’s Muslim athletes were not served pork at the 30th SEA Games, refuting a South China Morning Post (SCMP) story. - Channel News Asia

Another fakes news that circulated was that of the Philippine Flag being used as a table cloth but the reality is that it is from another event way back 2017.  It is not a good thing and should be condemned but likewise, it should not be made an issue in the SEA Games 2019.

Here are some more fake news and corrections that everyone needs to know.

There is also a keen observation that Inquirer seems to be having a lot of erroneous and fake news.  MindaNation published an article about it.

What Should We Do for the SEA Games 2019?


Honestly, like everyone else I am also disappointed.  Reading news articles and Facebook posts makes me angry of what is happening but it seems we can no longer trust who is telling the truth unless we actually visit the venue.

There are mishaps but who wants to have a negative impact internationally?  I am sure not us nor even our government officials want that.  It is best that each of us use our due diligence in what we are reading and seeing.  Let us be thankful that we are hosting the 2019 SEA Games and together be proud of such an accomplishment.

What do you think of the SEA Games 2019?  Add your comment/s.

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  1. As an outsider (from Singapore), still on the fence.

    The delegates at Clark aren't having as much problems, in fact, it's quite the opposite. A lot of Filipinos volunteers were really open to help out delegates (to the most of their abilities and resources, at least) - in all venues. Private companies and businesses are starting to help out more, too, particularly with transportation. Kind of makes me think that this would have been a lot better if the private companies were involved in the first place.

    But speaking of fake news...
    There's also the issue of foreigners like me commenting on news outlets and getting attacked by Filipinos. For example, in the one I posted about Myanmar being forced to buy food outside, there were those from Myanmar who posted actual photos of what was happening with the food situation and was ganged up on.

    1. It is sad that things should be like that. The shortcomings should be addressed and after the event there should be an investigation as to why things are not supposed to be.

      Fake news is a hard thing to battle and sometimes the truth is also being called as fake news so we should be vigilant. I think that everything should had been involved Day 1 so that it would be something that the whole country can be proud of.


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