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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Official Statement on the SEA Games 2019 Kikiam Meal: It Was Chicken Sausage

We have read, heard and saw the photos circulating about SEA Games 2019 athletes being fed with Kikiam and egg.  It seems to be so true until Whitewoods Hotel issues a statement regarding it and said that it was Chicken Sausage and not Kikiam.  Was it the truth? Well, let us just support the games after all whether it is kikiam or chicken sausage they are still below nutrient requirements.  Right?

Whitewoods Hotel Official Statement on the SEA Games 2019 Kikiam Meal


We waited for a few days to collect ourselves, respond with cooler heads, gather facts, and to prioritize the service of our athletes and visiting delegations during this time. We considered being silent about this issue, but we ultimately decided to clarify and present facts, to address unfair news about our hotel, our people, and our partner organizers.


- We serve athletes a buffet that is part of a meal plan prepared by the organizers. For the specific breakfast meal in question, chicken sausage (and not Kikiam), was part of a wider menu that included an omelette station, other assorted sausages, fruits, fresh fruit juices, bread, and rice.

- The coach who released a statement to the media has repeatedly apologized to our staff and management for the erroneous Kikiam comment; however, the statement had already gone viral before she could make corrections. This coach admitted that she was not present during the breakfast buffet. She saw the chicken sausage in a plastic container (which is not a hotel container, as we do not use plastic for packed meals) and assumed that this was the full breakfast offering.

- The news circulating online on delayed check-ins are also exaggerated. An athlete delegation arrived earlier than check-in time, and we gave them the option to stay in our unairconditioned lobby or in our airconditioned conference room during the almost 3-hour wait to make it more comfortable for them. They were able to check-in a little later than expected due to another athlete delegation’s late check-out by 2 hours; for this we apologize and have taken measures to ensure that it does not happen again.

- From initial negotiations with the organizers, the inclusions of the service include accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, laundry, and the use of our conference rooms. We agreed to these inclusions and gave a discount of 40% on our published room rates to accommodate the needs of the athletes because of our desire to be part of this historic occasion.


At the height of this viral issue, our initial reaction was to be defensive, point fingers, and pass on blame. We have, however, communicated to our staff, athlete guests, and our partner organizers, that despite the negativity surrounding the SEA Games, we will continue to put our best efforts for our athletes and our country. We hope this statement is able to correct misrepresentations on Filipino hospitality and that we are doing our best to ensure above-and-beyond service for our athletes as well as our guests from all over Southeast Asia.

In the spirit of fairness, we hope that those who were quick to share the viral post on Kikiam can also take the time to correct these issues. We can say, in all honesty and with conviction, that the Philippines did not feed its athletes only Kikiam for the SEA Games, and we want to put an end to the circulation of this wrong information.

This experience has only strengthened our love for country and our desire to serve our athletes and international delegations as best as we can during their entire stay with us. We hope our commitment to hospitality serves as a concrete contribution to our country during this time, and we are filled with gratitude for this opportunity.

From all of us at Whitewoods Hotel

What do you think? Kikiam or Chicken Sausage?

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