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Saturday, September 16, 2017

MUST READ: Truth About the Jim Paredes Cebu Pacific Incident

An article in an online website, Pinoy Observer entitled, "Bacolod-bound Flight Delayed for Few Minutes as Jim Paredes Refuses to Sit Beside a Japanese Wearing Duterte Shirt" became viral and earned them lots of hits and possible advertising money.  Was this story true?  Did Jim Paredes really did that?

The Jim Paredes Cebu Pacific Incident

While we refuse to post a link to the article, since doing so will create more earnings and hits for the site, the article stated various things including a flight number and how the incident happened in the plane.

Was Jim Paredes capable of such an act?  Would he really go to the point of not wanting to sit to a person just because he is wearing a DU30 shirt?

The Pinoy Observer's Article is FAKE NEWS!

If you read the above and believe that Jim Paredes actually did that then you are a victim of  FAKE NEWS from a FAKE NEWS WEBSITE.  The site does not explicitly indicate in its About Us that they are posting "for fun" articles and there are also NO DISCLAIMER whatsoever.

Websites like this are being used to propagate false information and create harm on people.  It is best that authorities take immediate action on sites which fails to create proper disclosure about the veracity and truthfulness of their content.

Here is the statement of Mr. Jim Paredes:

Official Statement from Jim Paredes

in another statement, Jim offered to pay a million Pesos to anyone who can produce a photo of him on the flight, or of him in Bacolod last September 3, or name the alleged crew member who was quoted extensively.

In an exclusive interview with Jim Paredes, he informed us also about this.

Paredes also confirmed the fake news via his Twitter account.

Reminder to the Public

Always remember this:

  • Check the article first with reliable media and people before sharing it.
  • Click baits are on the rise so cross reference first.
  • Always think and verify before you click or share.

What do you think of websites like Pinoy Observer?  Did you believe the article as well?

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