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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why Dingdong Dantes could be a good choice for senator?

Dingdong Dantes for Senator?  Dantes had said last May that he will not be running for any elected office particularly for the Senate in 2016 but do you know why Dingdong Dantes could really be a good choice for Senator?

I am never a fan of artists running for office and I had never voted for anyone yet.  Why change my thinking if ever Dingdong Dantes would run as Senator?  Dantes for once is not only an artists and compared to others who shares the prominence he is very active in voicing out opinion on critical issues including education, the youth and the environment.  His views are mind you very intelligent and critical which is needed for a senator.

Dantes is also an entrepreneur owning his own film studio,  AgostoDos Pictures.  He is also the youngest celebrity who ever founded a foundation to support the youth, YesPinoy Foundation.  This foundation does more than that actually for it believes in the Filipino spirit and positivity.  

As Commissioner-at-Large of the National Youth Commission he also has strong experience in being part of public service which focuses on the youth.  What we need in my opinion is someone who has a genuine heart to serve and to uplift the youth of this nation, which Dingdong Dantes carries genuinely.

I hope he reconsiders running for senator.

What do you think?  Would you vote for Dingdong Dantes if he runs as a Senator?

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