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Friday, March 21, 2014

I Would Rather Go Hungry Than Eat Filipino Food Again!? Really?

I usually write in Filipino in this blog, however, this issue forced me to write in English.  Damn, this blogger was one of those who forced me to go beyond my rules for this blog.  While I was writing this introduction I have not yet read the article which she wrote entitled, "I Would Rather Go Hungry Than Eat Filipino Street Food Again!"  Come to think of it, she could have died, you know?  Anyway let me read this one first.....

.....With the first paragraph I have to correct my title because it seems the author said that she is receiving a lot of constructive feedback.  Wow that was nice, and now she added the word, "street" so that it will accurately reflect their experience.  I wonder what happened.  Let me read on.....

,,,,,  Holy shit!  Was that a photo from "One Missed Call?" or a horror movie?  Sorry, I got freaked out.  So that was the author of the article in a gloomy black and white photo which you could have mistaken as a movie still from Saw or The Hostel.

"My “I’m starving but I don’t want to eat this food” face"  I have to remember this face and kids should also try to do this because it will save te time to think of an expression when they do not want to eat vegetable or something.  Good expression by the way 5 stars.  Maybe she's auditioning for "The Walking Dead."

So FIlipino dishes is added to her self list of the so called, “I would rather go hungry than eat this food again”   So she was also presented to the "traditional Filipino breakast" at Pagudpud, which, by looking at the photo and in my opinion is not the traditional one.  Well we do eat fried rice in the morning with eggs or hot pandesal.  I think most Pinoys love "sinangag" in the morning and hot traditional choco.  I have never tried eating fruits in the morning, have you?

"As for the food in the Philippines, due to the small number of restaurants available, we are still not familiar with Filipino dishes."

These guys are blogging but they are rambling that they are not familiar with Filipino dishes because of that silly reason.  Come on, we are on the information age and all you have to do is do some research online or even go to a website which features these things.  Are these guts primitive?

"We asked for “longganisa” which is Filipino famous sausage and this is what we were served – American style hot dog"

I wondered how they pronounced "longganisa" or where are they buying the food from.  They should have eat in a restaurant or at a carinderia and they would surely be served with the proper food.  This photo looks like a hotdog served from 7-11 which is yuimmy and one of my favorites.

Here are some of my other notes on this article.

1.  The fruits they saw at the local market is indeed a usual think but majority of those for sure are good fruits.  Filipino sellers make the most out of everything so, what they could have done is just to pick the good ones and try them.  There are some preparations which are of course not understandable, so just avoid it I guess.

2.  Fish and meat were mixed up together in the same bowl, sausages were displayed on a plate surrounded by flies and bugs, everyone was touching food with their fingers to try before buying and what was the worst the food was left on display for all night long and didn’t disappear from there unless someone bought it (we saw the same fish dish on display for two days in a row in one of local restaurants in Manila). It was a big mess, trust me!

In my entire existence living in the Philippines and going to other places only one thing can be true about this and that is some restaurants do display food for more time and that is a no-no.  However, for things like tasting the food with barehands before buying?  Where on earth did they go?  If I have seen that I could have puked immediately.  If this is true, this place and these restaurants should be reported at once and closed down.

3.  About oily food, I guess the food at the local market is indeed just about that.  Food is a little oily specially for some dishes which uses oul and you can see that.  The technique actually is not to over eat and over excite yourself and this is not only for this food but should be a usual practice when eating.  Remember, that they are new in tasting these kind of dishes so they should not over eat.

4.  They said that fruits and vegetables in the supermarket are fesh, yeh right they are fresh indeed, they just look fresh my dear.

5.  They say that local bakeries are open 24/ 7 and people were buying like crazy the donuts and cookies.  I never experience this before and never seen so many bakeries selling donuts and cookies.  What I saw in the picture was probably Mister Donut or Dunkin Donuts.  Were they too sweet?

6.  So they did like bihon, binigni and lomi, good for them.  Again, I wonder why were they not able to find adobo?  Is adbobo missing now in this country?  I find adobo everywhere.  They could have tried bicol express as well or laing.  As for daing, they could have bought it somewhere like the market and cooked it.  You will not see daing in local food stands.

7.  Now about that juice, well it is a business thing and generally all of us know that.  I would not blame them for thinking bad about it but well I enjoyed the juice :)

I would like to quote one of the comments of the blog, which I would definitely agree on:

From trxie:

how many areas in china did you visit that made you experience fresh and good quality foods? and how many areas in the philippines did you visit for you to say you would rather die than eat foods here. honestly, I don’t patronize street foods here because i’m unsure of its hygiene which every locals know already and many of them just have to live and eat. I wonder why you stopped hunting what you’re looking for like the balut,adobo,lechon and kare-kare. Makes me think you came here not to look for good things but you intentionally look for places that could satisfy your mind set that filipino’s are not capable of serving clean foods. we accept criticisms but your blog comes with an insult and i know you know that you intend to do.
To be honest, I was dumbfounded by what had happened to them.  The generalization was so extreme that my foreign friends and I had never experienced in my entire life.  I have tried street food and never got sick.  I also eat at the local market and never got sick.  I see some bad hygiene restaurants and refuse to eat there because I know what will happen.  Do they want to prove something here?  Filipino food is dubbed by many food experts as one of the best and most enjoyable, yet, they want to develop a contrary opinion.  Why?  As a blogger, it can be for the sake of popularity and to get more comments and blog traffic.

I challenge these people to come here next time and bring me with them in their travels and I guarantee them that their opinion will change.

I would also like to share this blog from another foreigner which says something different, "Another Foreigner's Response To "I'd Rather Go Hungry" Girl"

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