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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Would You Be a Better President?

(Ipagpaumanhin po ninyo ang aking paggamit ng wikang banyaga sa ilang artikulo kasama na po ito. Akin lang pong sinasamantala na maibahagi ang ilang artikulo na aking ginawa sa wikang Ingles sa inyong lahat. Sana po ay inyong paunlakan. Salamat po)

 People are always complaining about the actions of President Noynoy Aquino or PNoy. Some says he should do this and other would say that he should not have done that. The question is would these people be better Presidents than PNoy?

Why do people always complain instead of giving out a solution? Why do they always go to the street and protest something and then at the end go back home and leave hundreds of garbage in the street? Is it because complaining is easier than actually doing something?

The truth is complaining is actually a lot easier. When you complain you do not even to exert any effort nor leave your home, you just open your mouth and say something against anything you like. Why bother to suggest a solution nor think of resolving a problem when you can be praised and even gather major attention when you complain.

In school students complain about their lessons, about their teachers, about their “baon” and even about their parents. They tend to almost complain about anything, truth is most of these things should not be complained. Complaining is not only limited to students, even teachers do complain. Teachers commonly complain about their students, their salaries and more.

Isn’t it better to think of a solution first to the subject we are complaining than complain first and let others resolve it for you? Would it be more beneficial if people talk of solutions rather than exchange complaints with each other? If we start on solutions we solve problems and avoid misunderstanding.

Personally, I do learn one thing if I am to complain, I must also have a solution in mind.

So what does all of this have to do with my opinion title? Well a lot… since most of us complain about our President’s action and then now you know why people are complaining. It is better that we help PNoy than be a burden in making our country better.

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