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Saturday, September 25, 2010

12 Years Basic Education in the Philippines: An Opinion

Should the Department of Education really push through with the planned two years additional Basic Education in the Philippines? DepEd said that this additional years in basic education will serve to strengthen the capabilities of Filipino students so that they can prepare and become globally competitive. They also hope that through this students graduating in high school would have the necessary skills that would enable them to have a job or start on something profitable in cases where they cannot pursue college.

Considering however the very bad situation of the current educational facilities in the country, the lack of quality textbooks and the large gap of student to textbook ratio, the need for more classrooms, lack of electricity in some areas and more makes one think which is more important. How can DepEd pursue an additional 2 years in basic education when the facilities serving the current educational system are inadequate and are not producing quality graduates?

Two years additional basic education will only mean greater suffering fro students and extend the gap in making educational facilities better. This also means a larger budget fro every school. Currently there are many schools who are having problems with their budget and even resulted in asking contributions from students to pay for their electricity, school repairs and other school expenses.

First things first, the government should increase the budget given to the education sector so that this increased budget can be used to build classrooms, create and purchase quality textbooks and improve the quality of education in the country. If and if the current conditions are improved then that is the only time that additional year or even years in basic education should be considered.

The intention might be good but the current situation defeats such intention of the DepEd.

Thanks to Zamora's Editorial Cartoons for the caricature.

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