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Friday, June 25, 2010

Tagalog Slang Dictionary and English Translations

First of all thanks to the original author of this translation KOALADBEAR. It would be a waste if this translation will not be preserved, that is why for the benefit of all I am reposting this Tagalog Slang dictionary for everyone's reference.


erpat, epats, padir - all corruption of father, the last - padir - is especially a corruption of father, dear.

ermat, emat, madir - mother

utol - brother/sister (from the word kaputol - part of a whole)

manay, manash - sister or best friend or someone with whom you share your most intimate secrets, who turns out to be a gossip, :-)

under the saya (under the skirt) - henpecked husband

outside the kulambo (outside the mosquito net) - another term for henpecked husband; sleeping arrangement when madir and padir are quarrelling

chimay - family maid (only said when the chimay is not within hearing distance); also used to describe a plain looking female, e.g., "oh, she has the beauty of a chimay"

cherti, cheati - teacher, as in, "terror naman ang cherti ko" (my teacher is such a terror; terror teachers are a dime a dozen in UP)

Amboy - Fil-Ams born and/or raised in the US

chikababes, chix, chicks - babes to you Amboys; sweet looking young thangs, (as you know, there is such a thing as Filipino machismo, and terms like chikababes, chicks, and chix are straight from the mouth of Filipino macho men); used as in "maninyiks tayo ngayon" (let's go out looking for chix today)


143 - I Love You

143 44 - I Love You Very Much

jeling, jeling-jeling - jealous, jealousy

ITALY - I Trust And Love You (hahahaha!)

HOLLAND - Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies (double hahahaha!)

PARIS - Please Always Remember I'm Sincere (oooh ...)

ROME - Remember Our Memorable Evenings (awww ...)

HHWW PSSP - Holding Hands While Walking, Pa Swing-Swing Pa

MU - Mutual Understanding or Matampuhing Unggoy or Machong Unano/Maskuladong Unano

KSP - Kulang Sa Pansin... (I'm tempted to say refer to a certain character in SCF but that would be mean - :-) Phoebe)

FGLG - Feeling Guapo, Looking Gago

MK - Mahal Kita (I Love You - naku ha!)

MNMK - Mahal Na Mahal Kita (I Love You Very Much - uuuuyyyyyyy!)

SMS - Sa Madaling Salita (In Other Words)

TKA - Take Care, Always...(korni ko, no?)

SYSM - See You Sa Mata (See You in the Eye - huh?)

PSS - Practice Safe Sex

bow na lang ng bow - whatever you say dear, I'll just follow you ... bow na lang ng bow is to describe what a henpecked/under the saya boyfriend/husband does

wanakosey - no comment (corruption of wala (no) na ako (me) say) - something an under the saya, outside the kulambo, bow na lang ng bow husband will say to his wife ... :-)


tsibog, chibug, chibog - food, or to eat

lamon - to pig out

chibugan na - eating time!, come and get it!

tapsi - tapa at sinangag [tapa (beef jerky) plus sinangag (fried rice) - a veritable breakfast treat popularized by a sidewalk restaurant in Adriatico St. in Malate]

tapsilog - tapa, sinangag at itlog (itlog - egg) so tapsi topped with sunny side up

longsilog - longanisa, sinangag at itlog (longanisa = Filipino sausage) so sausage, fried rice, sunny side up

kojak - barbecued chicken heads

adidas - barbecued chicken feet

walkman - barbecued tainga ng baboy (pig's ears)

IUD - barbecued chicken intestines, arranged on the bamboo stick to look like IUD, of course!

N.B. as you might have known already, Filipino barbeque is not the same as American bbq, e.g. Pinoy bbq is more like shish kebabs, or the Thai satays ... pieces of meat skewered on bamboo sticks
echas, jabong, dyabong, evacs - the eventual result of your making lamon the chibugs we have been discussing :-)

toma - to drink, or alcohol drink


Peyups - UP, University of the Philippines

Arneyo - Ateneo de Manila Univeristy

Usti, Uste - UST, University of Santo Tomas

Farestern - FEU, Fareastern University (did you know that this is owned by Cory Aquino's family?)


jps - john porontong shorts --- Bermuda shorts, or shorts reaching to the knee; from the character John Porontong of the long time TV sitcom John en Marsha starring Dolphy and Nida Blanca. John Porontong had been wearing these kinds of shorts long before they were en vogue

sosyal or sosy - many connotations, e.g. classy, class, or even describing someone who is a social climber - really depends on how you use it, inflections and all

quieme, kiyeme, ekyem - as in "quieme mo naman e" (you're just putting me on)

etching - same as quieme; as in you're just putting me on; or you're just being facetious; or something like that anyway ...

T-bird, lit's go, T-bo - lesbian

tara - to go; e.g.let's make tara (let's go)

babaing bakla - fag hag

silahis - bisexual; silahis is actually the sun's rays but for some reason men who go both ways are called silahis

AIDS - As If Doing Something

Tita Aida - AIDS, the disease

Aidaesque - someone who is thin and consumptive, as in "Aidaesque naman ang beauty niya" (to describe someone who could be a model)

kuno - Visayan for as if, so if you're doing something as if you're doing something, you can say you are doing something kuno. So if someone is as if, e.g. an Asian American who dyed her hair peroxide blonde, and has a penchant to wear blue or green contact lens could be described as: Amerikana-kuno...

todits - corruption of dito meaning here

dehins - corruption of hinde (hindi) meaning no

lasma wakali todits - lasma from "malas" wakali from "kaliwa" todits from "dito" so "malas ang nasa kaliwa dito." (the one on the left is unlucky) usually used while playing card games like pusoy, pusoy dos, mahjong, tong-its

hataw na - bigay mo na or give it all you got

wow cubao - expression of amazement

jaguar - guardya or guard

etneb - bente (twenty) spelled backwards - refers to 20 pesos

batak - shabs or showbiz (i have no idea why this is so)

lonta - pair of pants (possibly a corruption of "pantalon")

toga - pair of shoes

KKB - Kanyang Kanyang Bayad (going dutch, pay for one's ways)

NSDB - Nasa Daddy ang Bayad (parental monetary support) It used to stand for National Science Development Board, an agency (somewhat like NSF) that grants scholarships to deserving college students whose majors are in the sciences.

bagets - teeny-bopper so if you say someone is 'nagpapaka-bagets' then it means he/she is trying to act young.

minus one - soundtrack of a song with full musical accompaniment minus the singer which you provide.

multiplex - similar to minus one but this time the minus one is usually on the right balance and the voice alone is on the left balance. If you want to learn the song without buying the original soundtrack, just adjust the balance to the middle of the dial. If you then feel comfortable singing it by yourself, turn the dial to balance right.

Taglish or Engalog - a mixture of Pilipino (Tagalog) and English. It can be a mixture of words in a sentence or a combined word very similar to Spanglish with the New Yoricans. For an example, check out the next item...

tambay - (v.) to hangout. As in (all you UP folks out there should be familiar with these):

"Let's make-tambay naman at the lobby"
And later evolved to...
"Let's make-tambay naman at AS101."
"Let's make-tambay naman at the parking
lot and make-tusok-tusok the fishballs."
haslab - hassle na, labo pa; something which is a hassle and murky (labo) at the same time
perslab - first love, of course!

dyokard, chipangat, chupipay (tsupipay) - all mean the same thing: cheap, cheapskate, or even slutty .... :-)

kelots, min - male, man

askal - short for asong kalye or stray dog - so any connotation a stray dog has

egoy - I do not want to sound racist here, but this is a slang word for blacks; also itim (black)

hala - to scope; so haladation country or Haladay Inn - place where you can scope (what ever your interest is ... e.g. "let's make hala in the mall")

wiz - no or none ... e.g. "wiz ko type" (not my type)

wis - when you totally positively have no doubt about whatsoever I'm saying then "wis tayo!" (we totally agree)

type - someone you really like to make hala with

imbierna or imbs for short - very hard to translate this, but can be used like: "imbs ako sa kanya" - a comment like if you are mad at someone, or if someone crossed you, you say "imbierna si kikay kay kikoy" (kikay is mad at kikoy)

award (another one of those hard to translate) - if you don't approve of something, you say in a sarcastic tone, "award"; or if you got dumped for example, you say, "inaward ang beauty ko" (my person just got insulted)

repapips; reparpar - equivalent to pare, or buddy, or mate

feel na feel - exactly what it says; like you really feel it so much that you have to repeat it to say it

gagong gupit (from bagong gupit) - new haircut

guppie (derived from yuppie) - guwapong (handsome) urban professional or gagong (stupid) urban professional

kilig to the bones - you say this when you are just so excited that you feel your excitement down to your bones; also kilig to the bulalo (bulalo - bonesi)

kadiri to death - kadiri = gross

kikay na kikay - malandi (flirtatious) but in an amusing sort of way as in "ang kikay naman ng pose mo dito sa photo" (you really struck a flirtatious pose in this photo")

super- - used as a prefix to other adjectives for emphasis or exaggeration as in, "super-bihis ba kayo?" (are you dressed to kill?") instead of the usual "bihis na bihis ba kayo?" which means the same thing

pahiya ka 'no? - "wasn't that embarassing?"

praning - paranoid

masaya ka! - literally "you're happy", in meaning it's closer the expression "you must be dreaming" or "he/she can't be serious!" etc.

ano ka hilo? or nahihibang ka ba?- literally, "are you dizzy?" but more like "are you out of your freaking mind?"

patay kang bata ka! - "you're a dead kid!"

walandyo! - wow (???)

tapang ng apog mo! or kapaaaal...! - "you have no shame!"

huwag kang makulit! - "stop being a pest!"

hanep! - could be the pinoy's equivalent of "cool!" or "kewl!"

ah ganoon! - could be "so, that's how it's gonna be!"

palpak! - "what a screw-up!"

oks na oks - really okay

may topak ka talaga! - "you're crazy"

manigas ka nalang diyan! - "you can freeze to death!"

na-gets mo ba? - "did you get it?" or "do you get my drift?"

dehins ko kuha.... - response to above: dehins from hindi which means "no" so "i didn't get it."

labo mo naman. or in colegiala-speak you're so labo naman - "you're screwed man!"

ano na namang pautot yan? or anong gimik na naman yan? - "what sort of trick are you trying to pull this time?"

pakibaba ang aking kilay or itaas ang aking kilay - literally "please lower my eyebrows" or "please raise my eyebrows" as in: in place of a sarcastic or caustic reply, some people just raise one of their eyebrows to indicate a response. so the phrase implies that a statement or action made by one person caused another to raise their eyebrows...

pambihira ka naman..... - literally, "you're extraordinary" but is really closer in meaning to the expression "you're unbelievable."

Che......(for the ladies) or Tche! for Mike Santos - a slight expression of disgust usually with a simultaneous sharp snap of the head towards the left or right direction.

halmits, syota, ciyota - boyfriend or girlfriend; syota is more popular; apparently halmits is new (possibly from mahal - halma, which means love)

laki sa layaw - spoiled brat

yosi - cigarette (corruption of cigarillo or sigarilyo)

oropsop - matchstick (corruption of posporo)

tukmol - super-pangit (ugly) as in "sino ba yang tukmol na yan? etche puera maruha, sinong nagsabing guwapo siya, nanay niya?" ("who's that ugly one? gee whiz, who said he's handsome, his mom?")

lepipino - another term for pinoy

lapipino - another term for pinay

gagamol - asungot, pest

jangga -

supak -

chaka - really, really, really ugly guy/girl

chickahan - kuwentuhan, chatting

yotits,yatits - tito & tita

may lamok sa loob ng kulambo - someone's making a pass, or refers to someone who has a mistress.

jaircools or GEairkuls - aircon or GE a/c

jaelectric fan - electric fan

toluts - utol (sibling)

FT - food trip

zig-zag - isaw or intestines

betamax - bbq chicken liver

Kulas - St. Scholastica's College

Pule - St. Paul's College

Tene - Ateneo

tipar - party!

"g" - gimik!

jewts - marijuana

Agamemnon - "ah ganoon!"

Kijaks - jockey, underwear, male briefs

kijaks mo sako!- your underwear is a rice/flour/sugar/burlap sack ... don't ask me why

naninigas ang ihi mo - you're so tense that your piss is getting hard

erbi, bur - beer

asungot - gagamol (pest)

tiga "That's" - a comment when a person is "bagets" enough or supposedly good-looking and young enough to be on "That's Entertainment"

Hayop! - hanep (cool)

Kodakan - peektyur taking

japorms - porma, dressed to impress

GQ - galing Quiapo, as opposed to being really expensive or high class

GP - gimik pampamilya (hate to be caught by your barkada when you're out with your family --- oh those high school days)

eng-eng - dumb (?)

tangeks - tanga or dumb

sabog, bastante, rogs, barag - wasted

amats, tama, heads - tipsy, getting "hit" by whatever it is you are taking (as in drinking)

kall - I agree

senglots - lasing, drunk

tsong, chong - pare, friend, man, dude (from chongo)

mukha kang singit - your face is full of lines (?) or your face looks like the area between your thighs and your crotch, meaning that either nakasimangot ka (you're frowning) or I don't know

amoy singit - ah he he

suwangit - suwapang na, pangit pa or suwapang sa pangit

con~otiks - con~o-like antics or acting like a con~o

bola - lies, flattery

bolero, mambobola - one who makes bola, flatterer

estir - a lead on

estirrero - one who leads on others

bolahin mo pa ako - go ahead give it to me, keep pulling my leg, sige pa!

bato - bored

batology - the art or study of the art of being bored or the state of being bored or ...

stokwa - runaway

Skwa-kwa - low class degenerate


over - too much (you have to know the correct inflection though - ask the sosy kids)

grover - short for grabe (gr) and over - much too much

grobra - short for grabe (gr) over (o) and sobra (bra) - superlative version of over

From: "Twisted" by Jessica Zafra

Basic Icon~ography

There are only six words you must know in order to participate in a conversation with (Excuse me, Spanish-speaking people, but this is the most commonly used term) con~o kids. Six words in varying permutations. Armed with this basic vocabulary, you may interact with our local versions of the preppies, the vestiges of our colonial past. Yes, fellow proletarians, you may now approach without fear or trembling those pink-skinned, hairy legged, matangos guys in shorts and Cole Haans who festoon the chairs at Kalye, Padi's Point, and assorted discotheques, and impress them with your upper-class speech. Just remember the following useful words:

Wow - An expression of admiration or surprise, as in, "Wow".

Pare - Short for kumpare, or your son's godfather, or practically any male person you wish to address, the Tagalog equivalent of "Man".

Sheht - Not to be confused with the English cussword "shit" or the all-purpose colegiala expression, "Sheeeeeeht", although they all mean the same thing: poo-poo.

Con~o - The Spanish term for the female reproductive organ.

Jake - Not the name of a guy, but any guy, much like "Dude".

Hijo de - Attenuated form of Spanish expression meaning, "Son of a whore".

Now, throw them together in random order and you're every bit as articulate as any con~ito. For example:

"Pare, In~aki knocked up his girlfriend, pare."

"Wow pare, sheht. Jake, Hijo de."

"Con~o pare, hijo de. Wow jake, Sheht."

This can go on interminably, or until everyone passes out. For variation, you may use one or more of these words in a regular sentence like so: "Sheht pare, let's go, con~o, to to the disco, wow hijo de."

Even the smartest, most polysyllabic con~itos revert to this manner of speaking when caught by surprise. I remember the reaction of one prominent co~nito intellectual when he saw that I had bought the only remaining copy of a Julian Barnes novel: "Sheht con~o hijo de! Where did you buy that?"

Now, to express disgust, don't say "Yucch." Say it like this, "Yaaaaak," prolonging the vowel sound as long as you can. For instance:

"I saw Gabby Concepcion at the mall, pare hijo de."

"Yaaaaak. Sheht. What was he wearing?"

With regular practice, you can be part of many profound, albeit monosyllabic conversations. And with a right nose job, chemical dyes, and the right genealogical tables, you might even become one of them!


Putang ina mo, Tang ina, Puta - most widley used filipino bad word means - your mother is a hooker

Anak ng Puta, Nam Putsya, Anak nang... - means - son of bitch

Gago - shortest bad word, means - stupid

Tarantado, - means - idiot

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