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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I am no longer voting for Nick Perlas nor any candidate on Monday, May 10, 2010!

Today is the culmination of more than 1 year of preparation and 90 days of campaign for Nick Perlas, the environmentalist. Was it something worthwhile? Did his supporters and I gained anything from this ordeal?

My answer is straight and simple. On May 10, 2010 it is clear... I AM NO LONGER VOTING FOR NICK PERLAS FOR PRESIDENT!

Because of this I have decided that it is not he who should be voted for the office of the presidency but our dreams should be the one. For if we vote for Nick Perlas then we will never ever change anything in this country. That is why it is clear... I WILL VOTE NICK PERLAS FOR OUR COUNTRY's SAKE and FOR THE FUTURE OF MY CHILDREN!

He is not popular, he has no television ads, he is arrogant at times, he is temperamental, he is perfectionist, his life is boring because he has no vice whatsoever, he is always serious in life, and many more but is that all there is to consider?

Today, I will join Nick Perlas supporters in Liwasang Bonifacio to show what I really want.  The event will be held at Liwasang Bonifacio near Manila City Hall from 5pm to 12 midnight.  There will be a cultural concert free for all.

And yes, I will be there not for Nick Perlas but because...

I want a country reborn!

I want to finish the revolution started by Hermano Puli, inspired by Rizal and ignited by Andres Bonifacio!

I want to be of purpose to my country!

Yesterday, my wife and I had a discussion. She told me, "Why are you still going there? You will not gain anything from it. Look at what happened to you?"

I answered her directly and with conviction, "I am doing this not for Nick Perlas but for my country. I am doing this so that if I die, at least I can be proud and my children can be proud that I did something for their country... I did something for their future."

That's why it is clear that NOW I am no longer for Nick Perlas but for my country and my fellow Filipinos. I am voting our country's future on May 10, 2010 and I believe that no matter what his imperfections are NICK PERLAS can empower us, inspire us and bring this country back to where it belongs.

I will shade and vote Nick Perlas on Monday, May 10, 2010.

I will shade number 7 in the ballot.

I will vote for Nick Perlas not because he is my idol nor because I like him but because the Philippines and the Filipino people needs a leader like him.

He is the President our country needs.

Thus the video shows it all in "BAGUHIN NATIN ANG ATING ISTORYA" or "LET US CHANGE OUR STORY" (Click here to watch)

I hope that whoever we choose on May 10... we choose it for the future of our country and our children.

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