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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Suddenly Undecided

It is rare for me to write in English in this blog but perhaps this article deserves that exemption from the usual Filipino language I used here.

A year ago, I decided finally to vote for a candidate that I am sure will help this country rise from the decay that is coming to it. Today, I still do believe that this same person can really make this country better and is still the best choice. However, there seems to be a void which will prevent that from happening unless that void is filled and resolved.

Yesterday, I was resigned as Spokesperson and National Coordinator of Nick Perlas. I was resigned not because I did resign but because there seems to be some differences in views and principles that needs to be resolved.

However, technically if Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) is a party I did not resign as a party member nor an officer of the party yet since I believe that PANGMASA is more than Nick Perlas or any personality within it.

I leave the campaign without regrets. I leave the campaign with full of learning and new experiences. I leave the campaign with a deeper perspective on the good things that will still come to this country.

I believe that political will and straightforwardness is important in getting things done and in resolving the various mishaps that our country had. At the same time I also greatly believe that a person to be a good president needs to be sensitive, open minded and has the capacity to feel the heart of the people around him. A good president treasures what his people has done for the cause and always thinks twice before uttering a word that would surely hurt a person.

I always believe that a good leader has two important characteristics:

First, we need a leader with a strong character who would dare to face the system and ensure that a new Philippines is born. He must be willing to take the risk no matter what the cost is.

Second, we need a leader who values people and who sees them as part of change. A leader who is sensitive to the feelings of others and who would think many times before hurting other people. That leader must always be open minded and receptive of any question, suggestion or dissenting opinion.

On the first I greatly believe that Nicanor Perlas has that capacity. He is unparalleled in that manner. He has the vision and the forward looking character for creating the New Philippines.

However, on the second character I believe that by my experience Nick Perlas has to greatly work on this. A leader has to really be very careful of what he says to other people. He should be humble enough to talk to them in a civilized and decent manner. Despite the stress a leader must still be sensitive and not burst into emotions.

I know with this article I might get a barrage of comments and more but I am sharing this because I think I need to let this out. I have been so positive about my choice for May 2010 until I experienced something that placed me on the undecided list.

Come May 10, 2010 my vote have to be counted and whatever happens I will make sure that it was a well thought vote for the future of our country.

Good luck to everyone!

I am sure that I would miss those whom I have shared the dream for a year.

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  1. i believe personal experience should also be a basis for decisions. you have a different perspective than us now that you are outside. i hope it is a clearer one.
    i respect your decision and i know you will use reason and intelligence in choosing the right president. we will miss you.

  2. Jags I will really miss everyone as well. Actually it was never my intention to resign that day but it was preempted. I have thought hard about this decision and finally I made it. Also, I still believe that Nick is the best candidate this election. However, I have to make decisions as a person and as someone who really loves this country as well.

    Take care sa inyong lahat and see you soon again.

  3. Hi Dave it's really a great loss in the campaign to miss your infectious energy in the home stretch. As you yourself said , we are not for the personality but for the ideals that personality embodies. The struggle for change must continue even beyond election. I beleive there is still a thread that links us all together for a greater purpose. PANGMASA is more than a political party it is a movement for change. I still count your vote for Perlas because I believe he is still more than his character.

  4. I know that we are not on the personal but would it matter if the candidate himself does not have a clear idea of what the role of PANGMASA is to his candidacy. I assure everyone that Nick is still the best and most qualified candidate but I also realized that those are not the only considerations.


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