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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Facebook Ad and Group is destroying the reputation of Filipino Nurses!

"Nurses Abuse Boys: Human Rights are Violated, Boys are Sexually Abused & Humiliated in Public by Nurses in the Philippines. This should be STOPPED!," this is the exact text of a Facebook Ad which I came across while uploading photos in my FB account.

The ad when clicked is redirected to a FB group called "Pedophile Nurses In Philippines" which has nearly 3,000 members. This is simply ridiculous and insulting.

The group particularly criticizes the issue on "Tuli" or circumcision. As quoted the site states...

Circumcision (or Operation Tule/Tuli as you call it in the Philippines) is done in many parts of the world however, ONLY in Philippines adolescent boys go through a lot of humiliation while they are sexually abused by Nurses in public.
Many photographs are published and distributed on the Internet by many nurses as well as other responsible Organizations. If any Human Rights, Childs Rights Organization or any knowledgeable person who has the interest of others analyzes these photographs, it will reveal that;

1. The Patients Privacy has been Disrespected.

2. The Patients are Humiliated in Public as well as on the Web!

3. It's a Clear Violation of Human Rights in this case Childs Rights (The Law of the UN Convention of the Rights of Children is violated)

4. It's a form of Child Sexual Abuse* and such ones can be labeled as a Pedophiles*. (*See Definition below)

5. For some, this environment can also be likened to Public Erotic Humiliation.

As Nurses or Doctors, they violate the Hippocratic Oath while engaging in such practices and creating such environments.

These pictures show only a fracture of the humility and shame these adolescent boys face, however anyone can picture the extent and shame that really takes place during these operations. Further, they are not just “kids” most of them are almost teenagers as some are being shaved in their private parts in public!! (See Photograph)
Most of these boys or parents don’t have the money to pay for such an operation, so they are at the mercy of all these volunteer nurses, doctors & organizations, so they suffer the shame with their faces covered.

We all appreciate that many of these circumcision operations are provided free of charge, however it should be conducted in a responsible and dignified way so that these patients CANNOT be sexually abused & humiliated by nurses and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Human Rights are fulfilled.

Now consider a contrasting situation to understand the issue further....

Imagine if girls in the same age group (7-15years) were to be on these tables… can you picture the outcome?

- In the first place, NO MALE nurses will be allowed to get closer and if they did, only a handful of them who are really needed.
- No photographs please!!!!! There will be a watchdog to chase you out.- The operation will be done more privately, not in open areas. (whereas the for boys, it is always a public show)
- Finally, if you somehow manage to take the photos and publish it, you will be charged & named for thousands of reasons.. Sexual explorations, sexual abuse, pervert, child molesting, rape, sexual assault, pornography … you name it!!!

** Why then are these boys treated as inhuman or


** Are they not Children?

This should be a closed issue as there are no scientific evidence of ill effects of the process nor are the human rights of these children really violated. It is a culture in the Philippines to do circumcision, to both maintain cleanliness of the male organ and lessen the possibility of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases of STD.

We should make FB admin aware of this site since it is a "hate site" and an illegitimate cause which causes harm on our nurses. I have already clicked the "Report" button at the bottom left corner of the page. I raised the issue of "Racist Hate/Speech" on its Basic Info but actually it is the whole group and the ad which should be removed.

Please help me in reporting this unwanted group which gives disgrace to our people and country.

Share this article to your friends and report this group

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  1. Siguro sir sa tingin ko, legitimate ung issue na niraise nung FB Group. Napapansin ko nga din kasi na ang may ilang nurses na ginagawa yan - kabilang na ung pictures ng mga cadavers na ginagamit nila. Parang sobrang unethical naman kasi na ipost pa sa web ung mga pictures na un. Alam naman po natin ung nangyari sa Cebu dati.

  2. Sabagay tama ka dun... pero pwede namang hindi ganun kagarapal... saka alam ko tutol ang FB na yan sa pagtutuli. Kung ayaw nila patuli sila na lang.


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