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Friday, November 13, 2009

Probe Profiles Video: Who is Nick Perlas?

Nicanor "Nick" Perlas unveils his platform of governance, who he is and answers direct questions of Proble Profiles' host Cheche Lazaro last Wednesday, November 11.  It was a spontaneous interaction as Lazaro was visibly interested in what Nick has to say.

After the interview the feedback was overwhelming.  People posted their postive feedback on Facebook and many texted as well, "This is the president that we are looking for in years."

Find out what made them say that in the Probe Profiles Video on Nick Perlas  below (full transcript of here) and send your feedback and comment as well.

Even without any experience in governance, environmental activist Nicanor “Nicky” Perlas believes he is equipped to run the country come July 2010. Promising a departure from traditional politics, Perlas lays his cards on the table on ‘Probe Profiles,’ Wednesday, November 11, after ‘Bandila’ on ABS-CBN

With Probe Profiles’ host Cheche Lazaro, Perlas discusses his track record and main advocacy--the environment--that supposedly make him eminently qualified to be president. He says he is far from being inexperienced, having advised two presidents, senators, congressmen, and Cabinet secretaries in various capacities.

But while friends describe Perlas as brilliant, others dismiss him and his theories as out of this world or, to put it bluntly, crazy. Every election harvests a number of nuisance candidates; Perlas, an expert on climate change, insists he is not one of them..

With excerpts from:
>>  The Alternative Platform @ Invinvible
>>  Probe’s official website, .

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