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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Greens Condemns Perpetrators of Ampatuan Massacre

Bilang isang green ay sumusuporta po ako sa pagkondena ng Partido Kalikasan at ng iba pang grupo sa karumal-dumal na pagpatay sa Maguindanao. Narito po ang opisyal na pahayag:


We call for justice and active non violence (ANV) to resolve the root causes of this tragedy permanently! We warn against all forces that will take advantage of this situation to instigate any actions to stop the elections 2010 from happening; depriving Filipinos of our democratic rights for change.

As a political movement, Partido Kalikasan (PK) and all its 15 local PK groups nationwide, the PK Institute and our youth wing (KALIKAS), strongly condemns this barbarous, inhuman act and crime against humanity committed against more than 50 innocent Filipinos; all of whom unarmed and most of whom women and media persons.

Veteran green journalist and party members Vic Milan notes that "...(a) CHR official was quoted as saying the perpetrators are "animals". That is unfair to the animals who, if without formal education, follow an unwritten natural code of behavior"

As we reflect upon this tragedy, Partido Kalikasan members and everyone are reminded of our PRINCIPLES OF ACTIVE NON VIOLENCE in NATIONAL BUILDING which states:

"As we contribute in the unfinished tasked of nation building (pagbubuo ng sambayanan), we will promote national solidarity through respect for the diversity of cultures and the practice of Active Non-Violence (ANV), we will work to transform conflicts and resolve them through peaceful dialogues, negotiations and democratic decision-making. We will work with other social movements, including other green movements at the national and international levels towards this end."

On TV Monday morning the aggrieved husband; Vice Mayor Toto Mangudadatu of the Mangudadatu clan, who lost his wife in the massacre promised that they will not retaliate and allow the work of the government to secure justice for their family.

While we extend our deepest condolences to Vice Mayor Mangudadatu and the entire Mangudadatu clan, we laud them for this pronouncement of active non violence and call on their supporters; particularly any armed ones to restrain themselves and respect the publicly declared wishes of the head of the Mangudadatu clan and practice active non violence and let government do its role.

The many non-functional government institutions and mechanisms in many communities in Maguindanao and the inability or inaction of local Philippine National Police (PNP) in these areas to impose the law; however, points to the need for the national government take a stronger role in taking the situation under their control and resolve this problem asap before it boils out of proportion.

In analyzing the intricate dynamics of this situation of warlordism in Maguindanao and the overall crisis in governance in the country, Partido Kalikasan Northern Mindanao Secretary-General Bencyrus Ellorin reminds us that...

"...Maguindanao, Lanao Sur and elsewhere in ARMM (Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao), warlordism is perpetrated not just by the local elites but up to Malacanang as elections there are nothing but cheating.

GMA owes big time to the Ampatuans in 2004. It is where she got the bulk of the "insurance" 1-million lead (she demanded from Garci as captured in the infamous Garci tapes) against (Presidential aspirant Fernando Poe Jr ) FPJ in the 2004 elections.

In return for wholesale vote buying the warlords act with impunity, treating the people as mere subjects. These social realities speaks of the very foundation of our democratic and republican state. It weakens the highest delegated authority of the land, the Presidency as it exposes the bestial underbelly of the occupant in Malacanang. In sum it weakens our State. The Maguindanao massacre is an untrammeled exercise of impunity and a clear indication of weak government control.

As the GMA administration cannot be trusted to be impartial to the Ampatuan's, an independent body with participation from international institutions do the investigation. The warlordism in ARMM is a big factor aside from the gov't-MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) conflict to the humanitarian crises that made mindanao the number 1 in terms of internally displaced persons/ evacuees according to the UNCHR in 2008"

Furthermore, Partido Kalikasan Metro Manila Secretary-General; Roy Cabonegro points to the broader implications to sustainable development of this tragedy

"...this crime will have tremendous impacts on the peace & development efforts in Maguindanao and will further heightened the negative impression of Maguindanao and ARMM as a dangerous place; despite the majority peace loving communities of our Muslim brothers and sisters in this part of the Philippines.

No sustainable development can ever be realized where there is no peace!

This conflict and its impending impact on broader peace and development situation in Maguindanao shows also the limits of elite political system in Maguindanao where the feuds of clans and families can put in disarray the entire peace and development agenda and desires of entire communities."

Partido Kalikasan condems this senseless violence and the culture of warlordism and the elite and patronage political system that perpetuates this.

It should further be noted that Philippine Constitution bans private armies. However President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in July 2006 made it legal for the Ampatuans to build their private armies througnb the issuance of Executive Order 546, allowing local officials and the PNP to deputize barangay tanods as ‘force multipliers’ in the fight against insurgents. In practice, the EO allows local officials to convert their private armed groups into legal entities called the civilian volunteer organizations (CVO)

We call on all Greens and all Filipinos to rally side by side with our Muslim brothers and sisters and the rest of the Tri-People communities in Mindanao to wake up everyone on the limits of elite political culture and system where TRAPO (Traditional Politics) and WARLORD culture of guns and golds prevails and interest of the few; including their conflicts puts into jeopardy the interest of the many.

We equally call on the need for vigilance from everyone on the possibility some segments of our society to take advantage of this situation to instigate emergency scenarios that may be used to curtail our collective democratic rights for facilitating and mandating change in our governance through a NO-ELECTION (NO EL) scenario affecting the upcoming 2010 elections.

Partido Kalikasan will join citizens movement to push for all this immediate and long term, systemic changes to resolve the root causes of this tragedy in an ACTIVE NON-VIOLENT MANNER as we continue to build our nation.

Towards the long term political reform, PK Cavite Convenor Noel Astillero reminds us that “...we need to change the system of nominations in elections to remove TRAPO politics of guns, gold and goons

This is especially important in areas like Maguindanao where during elections, the dominant warlord-based political elites many times run unopposed; their potential alternatives fearing for their lives if they challenge them in democratic electoral processes”, adds Astillero.

One such mechanism to do this is the PEOPLE'S PRIMARIES initiative of TRANSFORM Politics Movement (TPM), a non-partisan, multi-sectoral group composed of basic sector organizations, NGOs, academe, labor unions, student organizations, church organizations, quasi-military organizations and others that Partido Kalikasan Supports.

According to TPM spokesperson Fe Mangahas, the People's Primaries is a pre-election process led by non-partisan people's movements and organizations reflected by TRANSFORM Politics Movement which now has organizers in more than 40 electoral districts nationwide (25% of the total number of districts) and growing by the day.

"The primaries will nominate and screen non-trapos to be candidates in this pre-election, facilitate elections by a target 10 million electors nationwide in 70% or all electoral districts by mid February; right before the elections," Mangahas said.

"The process will not only give our people a chance to express and imprint upon these non-trapo candidates the "real peoples political agenda" that they demand carried by our leaders, but it will also give people a chance to provide pre-election mandate big enough to give non-trapos a real fighting chance through actual expressions of mass support and way beyond the limits of self serving political surveys" Mangahas explained.

For more information, please visit For those who want to join TRANSFORM Politics and help us organize Peoples' Primaries in every barangay nationwide, please send us your NAME, TOWN/CITY, PROVINCE and EMAIL ADDRESS to 0919 EMAIL or e-mail to

PARTIDO KALIKASAN through the consensus reached by our Council of Leaders prescribes the following political actions for all Greens and like-minded Filipinos who join us in condemning and looking for permanent solution to the root causes of this Ampatuan Massacre tragedy:

(1) Shift and decisive actions by the national government aided by an independent investigative body to secure immediate justice through active non violence;

(2) Immediate scrapping of Executive Order 546, allowing local officials and the PNP to deputize barangay tanods as ‘force multipliers’ in the fight against insurgents since in practice, the EO allows local officials to convert their private armed groups into legal entities called the civilian volunteer organizations (CVO);

(3) Immediate disbanding of all private armies in Maguindanao and the rest of Mindanao and other areas in the country where private armies exists;

(4) Continues and expansion of peace and sustainable development programs and project in Maguindanao and other conflict areas in Mindanao;

(5) For citizen groups in Maguindanao to organize and institutionalize their own “People's Primaries” process so that they can select Non-Trapos to lead their communities and lead the necessary short and long term socio-economic-political drastic reforms to improve their communities.


This statement was agreed in consensus among all the 15 local Partido Kalikasan groups in Northern Mindanao, Palawan, Negros, Marinduque, Mindoro, Metro Cebu, Metro Manila, Zambales, Cordillera, Cavite, Batangas, Sibuyan, Rizal, Bulacan and Laguna with the concurrence of the Partido Kalikasan Institute and KALIKAS (Kabataan para sa Kalikasan), the party's youth wing.

For more information, please contact:

Roy CabonegroSecretary General - Partido Kalikasan Metro Manila & Managing Trustee of Partido Kalikasan Institute (PKI) Mobile 0929 4418247 Email


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