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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Democracy in danger if Warlords and Oligarchs are again elected to power, says TRANSFORM Politics

Narito po ang opisyal na pahayag ng Transform Politics hinggil sa nangyaring "Ampatuan, Maguindanao Massacre" kamakailan:

For Immediate Release
November 25, 2009
Press Statement

Manila, Philippines--- Violence and the rise of a dictatorial regime led by the military and pro-Arroyo hawks and warlords in some parts of the Philippines remain a big possibility if the Filipino People do not rise up to the challenge and elect non traditional politicians in the government. This is the analysis of the TRANSFORM Politics Movement (TPM), a multi-sectoral group, non-partisan, group composed of basic sector organizations, NGOs, academe, labor unions, student organizations, church organizations, military organizations and others

TPM condemns at the strongest terms the barbaric massacre of more than 50 innocent people composed mostly of unarmed women, media persons in Maguindanao allegedly as part of a gruesome fight between two political clans with the use of private armies recently.

Save our Nation President Don Flordeliza Jr. calls on civil-society, church, multi-sectoral leaders and the military to rally in the defense of our democratic processes and institution. “The wholesale carnage of defenseless women, lawyers and media practitioners (including innocent peple who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time) is not only barbaric, it is anti-democratic and anti-Islam. “Flordeliza noted. “The unabashed daring of warlords and local despots to perpetuate the gruesome murders of more more than 50 people at ontime poses a serious threat to our fledging democracy, and further derails the attinment of peace in war-torn Mindanao,” Flordeliza added. Flordeliza also chairs the Fleur-des-lis Centre for Peace, Inc. that actively promotes a culture of peace among our youth.

Aside from the gov't-MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) conflict, warlordism in ARMM is a big factor to the humanitarian crises that made mindanao the number 1 in terms of internally displaced persons/ evacuees according to the UNCHR in 2008, noted Partido Kalikasan Northern Mindanao Secretary-General Bencyrus Ellorin. “Maguindanao, Lanao Sur and elsewhere in ARMM (Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao), warlordism is perpetrated not just by the local elites but up to Malacanang as elections there are nothing but cheating. GMA owes big time to the Ampatuans in 2004. It is where she got the bulk of the "insurance" 1-million lead (she demanded from Garci as captured in the infamous Garci tapes) against (Presidential aspirant Fernando Poe Jr ) FPJ in the 2004 elections. As the GMA administration cannot be trusted to be impartial to the Ampatuan's, an independent body with participation from international institutions do the investigation, : Ellorin said.

According to Young Organizers Union (YOU) Secretary General Pat Mangubat, people who are capable of sowing mayhem and mischief are now in positions of power. Mangubat says these people are now poised to strike, particularly if there is a failure of elections. YOU says that those who are running for elective posts, particularly for national positions, are backed by economic, military and political forces with differing, if not clashing interests. He poised as an example, the Nacionalista Party, whom, Mangubat says, is being supported by PMA Class 1977, a rival class of PMA 1978. “If you analyze closely, most of these candidates are either being supported by PMA classes or business groups with opposing interests. You have Manny Villar who is the honorary mistah of PMA Class 1977. You have Gibo Teodoro who is being supported by PMA Class 1976 and of course, you have Joseph Erap Estrada who has his own group of supporters from the military.?” says Manugbat.

He adds “... if the elections turn fraudulent or at least one group claims to have been victimized by an automated dag-dag bawas or what have you, you cannot prevent these groups from fighting each other.

YOU says that forces allied with Mrs. Arroyo are just waiting for the right time to declare a transitory government. The recent appointment of Norberto Gonzales, a former socialist turned clerico-fascist, is one sign that the Arroyo government subscribes to Gonzales’ idea of establishing a transitory government to be led by the incumbent president. “ Gonzales was the leading exponent of a National Council to be headed by Mrs. Arroyo. This is just a ploy to extend the term of office of Mrs. Arroyo” adds Mangubat.

YOU, Save our Nation and Partido Kalikasan are part of the growing membership of the TRANSFORM Politics Movement (TPM). TPM believes that the only way to prevent bloodshed is for all candidates to support the “People’s Primaries”, a democratic process which aims to announce who among the aspirants support the People’s Agenda.

According to TPM spokesman Fe Mangahas, the People's Primaries is a pre-election process led by non-partisan people's movements and organizations reflected by TRANSFORM Politics Movement which now has organizers in more than 40 electoral districts nationwide (25% of the total number of districts) and growing by the day.

“The primaries will nominate and screen non-trapos to be candidates in this pre-election, facilitate elections by a target 10 million electors nationwide in 70% or all electoral districts by mid February; right before the elections,” Mangahas said.

“The process will not only give our people a chance to express and imprint upon these non-trapo candidates the “real peoples political agenda” that they demand carried by our leaders, but it will also give people a chance to provide pre-election mandate big enough to give non-trapos a real fighting chance through actual expressions of mass support and way beyond the limits of self serving political surveys” Managahas explained.

TRANSFORM Politics offers this support to all NON-TRAPOS who remain hesitant that there is a real option to get them elected in 2010, he added. People's Primaries is a real option because it is with the people' s direct participation where real power and sovereignty resides, further said. There is no reason why non-trapos should not file by 30th November, Mangahas concluded.

For more information, please visit For those who want to join TRANSFORM Politics and help us organize Peoples' Primaries in every barangay nationwide, please send us your NAME, TOWN/CITY, PROVINCE and EMAIL address to 09197777791 or e-mail to .

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