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Friday, November 27, 2009

Ang Kapatiran Party Statement on the Ampatuan Massacre

Narito po ang isa pang pahayag at pagkondena sa nangyaring masaker sa Ampatuan, Maguindanao.  Sana po ay sama-sama nating baguhin ang ating bansa at magkaisa ang mga tumatakbong alternatibo para mabuo na ang isang bagong bansa.


The carnage in Maguindanao has challenged this scandal-scarred Arroyo administration to prove its resolve, sincerity and determination by acting quickly and decisively to satisfy the demands of justice, and peace and order.

The warlords clans must be contained, isolated, and held at bay. “Rido” is a barbaric practice that has no place in a civilized society. Arms must be confiscated with no exception, except for those in the AFP and PNP. Every culprit with probable cause must be apprehended and charged, and a no-nonsense warning given to those with designs to take revenge by taking the law into their hands.

The total gun ban must now be in full force and effect until, and after, the elections. No candidate must be given special treatment. This includes prohibition of armed bodyguards and the practice of security details from the AFP and PNP.

AKP standard-bearer JC de los Reyes said, “Putting an end to the culture of violence must start now! The challenge before the President, Congress and the Philippine National Police is not to ‘get tough on crime’ but to get tough on guns and to get serious about crime prevention. Guns were made for one purpose only: to kill. A gun is a tragedy waiting to happen. Each violent incident, each senseless killing, each tragic story muffles a moral voice that, in this troubled world, needs to be heard."

The first and primary duty of government under the Philippine Constitution is to protect the citizen and maintain peace and order. Peace and order is a precondition for sustainable development. No society can prosper in an atmosphere where public safety is in question. Allowing Filipinos to arm themselves and carry their firearms in public places is an admission of failure of the government to fulfill its first duty – to protect its citizens and to maintain peace and order.

“If maintenance of peace and order were to be the yardstick of a passing mark for an administration, one can be sure that all past administrations up to the present would have gotten a failing mark. If this were a ground for impeachment, all the past presidents would have been impeached including the present one,” de los Reyes added.

JC de los Reyes offered the following proposals for immediate action and implementation:

GENERAL PRINCIPLES: You cannot control crime without controlling the criminal, and you cannot control the criminal without controlling the gun. As a crime prevention and common sense measure, the aim of gun control legislation is to make the harmless act of carrying a gun in public a criminal offense before such act turns into a violent one like murder, homicide, robbery, kidnapping, etc. It seeks to stop gun violence before it begins. Gun control is aimed at making it easier to identify criminals, especially gun-carrying “plainclothesmen,” so that it will be easier for law enforcers in uniform and on duty to disarm them and for peaceful unarmed citizens to cooperate with the authorities.

POLICIES: Promote life, peace, active nonviolence and progressive disarmament. Be hard on guns, get serious about crime prevention, rethink our flawed institutions. We need both deterrence and crime prevention measures. It should be mandatory to report to media whether the gun involved in the crime is licensed or not and in whose name it is registered. One standard question that should be asked of the suspect: “Where did you get the gun you used?”

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