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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Raging Tempest Called Ondoy: A Poem

Nais ko pong ibahagi sa inyong lahat ang isang tulang nahalukay ko sa mga comments sa Blog ni Ella. Ang tula pong ito ay mula kay Mark Kevin Limkinglam aka “MKDL Studios” na pinamagatang, The Raging Tempest Called Ondoy.

The Raging Tempest Called Ondoy
by Mark Kevin Limkinglam aka “MKDL Studios”
12 syllables, 6 stanzas

It happened on the twenty-sixth of September
A tragic and sorrowful day to remember
The year is the ninth of the third millenium
Where a storm have brought us into a conundrum

The tempest named Ondoy rushed into the cities
Even the country’s biggest universities
It struck the realms with heavy rains and lightning blasts
Passenger ships had to abandon their own masts

Vicious, massive floods had reached as high as ten feet
Shelters were set up for the refugees to meet
Many had climbed to the roofs of their ravaged homes
Rescue fleets have rushed to the aid like garden gnomes

Scores and scores of my countrymen had been perished
Automobiles, trees, and buildings have all blemished
The rainfall was gauged as the worst in our times
Major roads and highways had played their warning chimes

Tens of thousands of my fellowmen were displaced
Waiting for their broken shelters to be replaced
The country’s bar exams were shifted to the fourth
Of October, as declared by the Supreme Court

Ondoy’s day is a day we will never forget
Even though we have lost the loved ones we have met
Whether living in the plains or on a mountain range
Are we going to blame all this on climate change?

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