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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Philippine Daily Inquirer's HONORS ROLL: Alive in hearts, minds

Hindi ko inakala na mapupublish ang tula kong isinulat alay para kay Pangulong Cory Aquino, ang "Paalam Aming Tita Cory" kaya nga nagulat ako ng sabihin sa akin ni Rhon na nabasa daw niya ito sa Philippine Daily Inquirer. Kaya ang ginawa ko hinanap ko at ayun nakita ko nga.

Para sa akin ng gawin ko ang tulang "Paalam Aming Tita Cory" naisip ko na ito at ang pagpapahayag ko sa mga mambabasa ng blog na ito ang kontribusyon na maaari kong maibigay para sabihing salamat sa mga nagawa niya para sa ating bansa... hinding hindi ko siya makakalimutan at alam ko ganun din ng bawat Filipino.

Narito ang kabuuan ng artikulong HONORS ROLL: Alive in hearts, minds mula sa

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 04:36:00 08/03/2009
Filed Under: Cory Aquino

Our nation’s irreparable loss is also the world’s—particularly among freedom-loving peoples. May you all receive comfort and consolation from the truth—as we do—that she not only lived a meaningful, exemplary life but also did the highest form of sacrificial service to God, country and people.

We hope your sorrow will be assuaged by the assurance that Cory now rests in the bosom of the Almighty, our Lord and Savior, who will heal and bind our wounds in our days of bereavement.

—Former President Fidel and Ming Ramos, in a letter to the Aquino family

* * *

To the children of Tita Cory: She must go in August, the month sanctified by your Dad’s martyrdom. She must go on a First Saturday with our Lady’s sweet smile. She must leave early morning never to see the sunset again. Blessed death for the woman who was our blessing.

—Bishop Soc Villegas

* * *

The Magsaysay family joins the Aquinos in mourning the passing of President Corazon Aquino. She brought grace, courage and moral strength to a country desperately in need of hope—and in doing so she won the love and respect of the nation. Let us honor her by continuing to defend the freedom she worked so hard for.

—Former Sen. Ramon Magsaysay Jr.

* * *

With her profound love for country and her deep faith, President Aquino carried the torch of democracy for the Filipino people. Through her relentless efforts, the light of Philippine democracy continues to shine to this day and inspire other nations.

The officers and staff of the DFA are deeply indebted to President Aquino for being instrumental in strengthening the Philippine Foreign Service under her leadership.

President Aquino will remain an inspiration to those whose lives she positively touched and influenced in working diligently for our country and people.

—Department of Foreign Affairs

* * *

She will stay with us, alive in our hearts and minds. For her patriotism is a flame that shall ever burn within our souls. Her courageous fight for freedom and democracy shall always compel us to protect this liberty.

By painting the town yellow—by tying yellow ribbons on every door (homes, churches, establishments)—we shall show to her bereaved family that we as a nation are paying our debt of gratitude to them for not withholding their sister, mother, grandmother from us.

—Bro. Eddie Villanueva

* * *

We value her commitment to stand up against any measure to restore the tyranny that the people overthrew in the 1980s. She died as an ally of the Filipino people against Arroyo’s curtailment of civil liberties and the regime’s Charter change agenda. Mrs. Aquino was part of a historic display of the Filipino people’s unity that was Edsa 1.

—Kilusang Mayo Uno chair Elmer Labog

* * *

We are one with the Filipino nation in mourning the demise of former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino. We recognize her role in regaining our freedom from the dictatorial Marcos regime. Overseas Filipino workers shall be vigilant of any attempt by the present administration to tread on the rights and freedom that Mrs. Aquino fought for.

—Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator John Leonard Monterona

* * *

We will remember her most for her steadfast commitment against the tyrannical rule of then President Marcos and her part in (first) Edsa People Power revolt that dismantled the Marcos dictatorship and eventually paved the way for the restoration of formal democratic processes in the country.

We recognize her role in Edsa II that again showed to the world that Filipinos as a people will not stand aside in the face of corruption and social injustices in our land. We mourn the passing of President Aquino as we also pay tribute to what she did against the dictators of the old and the tyranny of the present regime.

—United Filipinos in Hong Kong (Unifil-Migrante-HK)

* * *

We lost a world icon of democracy. Her life serves as a reminder to our public servants, and to all of us that life is too short to meaningfully serve the people, so it should be devoted to honest, dedicated, transparent and responsible servant leadership.

The restoration of human rights and political and civil liberties—Cory’s greatest legacy—provided workers with elbow room to organize themselves and form unions. Unions can only grow and serve workers genuinely in conditions of freedom and justice. For restoring both, Cory deserves a pat in the back from the hands that create wealth for the nation.

—Federation of Free Workers president Allan Montaño

* * *

Mrs. Cory Aquino stood for truth, accountability and justice. She joined the people in fighting corruption and resisting tyrannical rule... Cory called on the people to act when those in government abused their positions to amass wealth, perpetuate themselves in power, and suppress dissent.”

—Fr. Joe Dizon, Roland Tolentino and Bibeth Orteza of Pagbabago! People’s Movement for Change

* * *

We pay tribute to President Aquino for joining the people’s clamor for [President] Arroyo’s resignation. We mourn with the people as she is deeply needed at present as we are under a president who tramples on democracy and is anti-peasant, anti-people.

—Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas

* * *

Paalam Aming Tita Cory

Lumuluha habang nagsusulat
Sa di maipaliwanag na dahilan
Pinipigil man ang maungkat
Masakit na katotohanan ang laan

Patay ka na nga o aming Ina
Ina ng Demokrasya ng Bayang Pilipinas
Pagmulat sa amin ang pamana
Pagmamahal mo sa amin ay tunay na wagas

Mula sa simpleng buhay
Tinahak mo ang buhay ng buong tatag
Nanindigan ka para sa aming buhay
Upang kami rin ay maging matatag

Ang iyong inspirasyon aming dadalhin
Habang ang bansang ito ay lumalaban
Ang iyong ala-ala aming mamahalin
Habang kami ay patuloy na sumasagwan

Paalam na aming Tita Cory
Nawa ay patuloy mo kaming bantayan
Paalam na aming Tita Cory
Tandaan mong di nasayang ang iyong binitawan

—David D’Angelo, national secretary general of Brotherhood of Destiny youth group

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