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Monday, August 10, 2009

Mga Pabaon sa Paglalakbay ni Pangulong Cory (Messages for Cory Aquino's Last Journey)

This post is specifically for all visitors who want to share their sentiments, feelings and message to Cory Aquino for the last time before she is laid to her final resting place at the Manila Memorial Park. Just click on the comment button and leave your message.

Isa po itong alay nating lahat at pakikiisa na rin ng "Pagod Ka Na Bang Maging si Juan?" bilang aming pakikipaglibing at paghahatid kay Tita Cory.

Salamat po!

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  1. Madam Cory, I know nasa heaven na po kayo, kasama si Ninoy. Nagpapasalamat po ako sa mga tulong na binigay ninyo at naicontribute dito sa bayan natin. Proud po ako na naging pangulo kayo ng Pilipinas. Alam ko pong labis na naman itong aking hinihiling pero humihingi po ako sa iyo ng tulong na sana kahit andyan po kayo gabayan po ninyo ang ating bayan. Araw-araw po ang daming problema kinasasangkutan ang Pilipinas... tulungan po ninyo sila at bigyang linaw ang kanilang isip para sa ikaayos at ikagaganda ng bayang Pilipinas.

    Mahal ka namin! Kaw ang pinakamagaling na lider dito sa aming puso!

    Paalam po!

  2. As a foreigner I would like to join the honors you render to your President Cory Aquino

  3. Anyone know the song that Sarah Geronimo was singing while the hearse was out in public?

  4. Mich ( 5, 2009 at 1:50 PM

    may cory's life be an inspiration to all of us filipinos... she has so much faith in us... she believes that we can change our nation. paalam dakilang ina ng demokrasya...

  5. the reflection shared to us by Fr. Arevalo are points to ponder for those who would like to run for any government position in 2010 and likewise the criteria for electing them. If there is a chance we can have the homily and learn from it more systematically as part of a campaign for a clean and honest election, would be doing justice not only to the sacrifices made by the symbols of democracy but of all the people who have been sacrificing to keep our country going, the ordinary filipinos.

    As a Catholic and as somebody who has studied theology, fr. arevalo's sharing about Cory was a description of a life of somebody who embodied the gospel, the message of life, hope, love and faith. I would say a life of a witness par excellence, a saint. Proving this is not difficult. the miracle of gathering millions of people for doing what is right and good for the people is more than enough. it is like bringing to life not only of one person but of the whole nation. As a person, as witnessed by so many people whose lives she touched, hope she imparted and anchored them on the faith that God will do His part. and many more. This is not an argument to make her a saint, but a point to ponder on how a life well lived could be an inspiration to do our part in living out the gospel in whatever context we find ourselves.

    I never saw and participated in marching to EDSA for I was in the province and too young to take part in it, but I feel I belong to this generation and i am proud of it. In my life, I tried to have my share to witness to truth, justice, peace, love and faith in God. And for this I would like to thank the persons who served as inspiration for these values and ideals, salamat po NINOY and CORY.


  6. Eduardo A. Bolanga Jr.August 5, 2009 at 4:30 PM

    You are truly an icon of democracy, Pres. Cory Aquino! I salute you for that. I, as a student who have many roads to pass surpass with, believes in your nationalistic views and ideals. Besides, you are so strong. You don't like Filipinos to feel that in your pain. You stood up and smile in front of us without the feelings of ache and losing hope. I adore you on the sense of your spiritual participation with God.

    God used you, Ms. Cory, in order for the faith of your countrymen be closer to God. Thank you and Goodbye! Our deepest and sincerest condolonces from BOLANGA FAMILY.

  7. Alfonso B. TolosaAugust 5, 2009 at 4:30 PM

    Maraming salamat Pres.Aquino,naging bahagi ako ng PP1. Paalam at maraming salamat!

  8. malaki ang pagpupugay ng simbahan kay Mam Cory Una, sya ang unag Lay people na binurol sa Katedral ng Maynila. Pangaawa, ang requien mass na madalas sa santo papa, obispo at opisyal ng simbahan lamang gingawa.

  9. The country is mourning for the death of our beloved President, Cory Aquino. Memories from EDSA I are flashing back to a lot of Filipinos. Thank you President Cory. You have done so much much this country. You will never be forgotten. You are an outstanding freedom fighter! Saludo po kami sayo!

  10. John Paul Malundas PormentoAugust 5, 2009 at 4:33 PM

    goodbye and thank you for letting your love shower on every filipino, Pres. Cory Aquino

  11. Thank You Tita Cory for the Freedom that we are enjoying right now... RIP we love you!!! you unite all Filipinos once again

  12. Robeth BuenaventuraAugust 5, 2009 at 4:45 PM

    salamat po madame president aquino kahit sa isang maikling panahon naging pangulo ka namin salamat po ng madami madame R.I.P

  13. Robin Charles RamosAugust 5, 2009 at 4:49 PM

    it's worth to give honor to our nation's mother of democracy... Her Excellency Maria Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino(1986-1992)... Thank you very much for the passion and values you shared. You'll be remembered forever in our hearts!

  14. Goodbye Tita Cory....Please tell Tatay that I love him when you see him in heaven.

  15. The only person in world history who became a president by fate and not by ambition. The only speaker who has the longest standing ovation in the U.S. congress. The only woman who led her people to win a revolution with nothing but faith in God. -Thank you President Corazon "Cory" Cojuanco Aquino. The mother of our democracy, The light of our nation, and her legacy lives on forever... May she rest in peace...

  16. tita cory i know that you are now in heaven with god ihope that you will have a happy time with god! we love u very much........

    life with out freedom is hard thanks to tita cory because of her we are now free wealready miss you! you are number 1 for us wehope that you will also watch us here! goodbye...

  17. Xyvelster MacababbadAugust 5, 2009 at 6:50 PM

    mourns the death of President Corazon Aquino. We are indebted to you for the "freedom" we enjoy.

  18. ipagpapatuloy namin ang dasal ni pres. cory na magkaroon ng integrity, dedication to public service at takot sa Diyos ang mga tao sa nanunungkulan sa gobyerno.

  19. My heart is with the Aquino family. Just lost my father recently so I knew the feelings. If there is any is in the thought that their mom has left a legacy unparalleled. Salamat President Cory for all your sacrifices for our nation.

  20. Maraming salamat at ako'y nging pilipino at pinamunuan ng isang totoong pilipino! i will always be inspired by you madam cory!

  21. Guys , you can tel your children and your grandchildren many years from now that there once was a simple housewife who brought back democracy to our country. She was loved by all. Please let her legacy live forever by instilling in your children the beauty of democracy, love and peace.

  22. Since Saturday, the day of her death... I feel the heaviness in my heart... I grieve her death...yet believing that she is now with the Father... and continues to be an example of purity of heart amid power and wealth.

  23. Fredinel Famatigan BanaagAugust 5, 2009 at 7:19 PM

    Cory simbolo ng pagbalik ng demokrasya sa Pilipinas- sana'y makamtan ang tunay na kalayaan sa lahat ng aspekto- ito'y malalaman lamang kung ang mga Pinoy na nagpapakahirap sa ibang bansa ay kusang nagbabalikan na sa Pinas at doon mamumumuhay ng masagana at malaya! That would be the day!!!

  24. Madam Cory, you really inspired us for your Strength, patient, love and most especially Faith. Your Faith to our Lord you had showed how much your really got through with ur health condition u still accepted it and fighting for it. Being the 1st Lady president of our country, you showed to us how much you really cared to your filipino people.
    We love you, Madam Cory.

  25. The Law of Parsimony states that "The simplest explanation is usually the best..." Cory Aquino was just a SIMPLE person, YET she used her simplcity for a greater change...

  26. Susana R. BenavidezAugust 5, 2009 at 7:29 PM

    May the world know that this is who we are as Filipinos...this is how we show our love and respect to a Filipino leader who gave her all to us. This is how we give tribute to the one who truly served and loved the Filipino people. May the whole world know us this way from now on...not as domestic helpers! I am truly proud to be a Filipino!!!

  27. Thank you Pres. Cory for giving us a reason to hold our heads up high and have pride in being Filipinos once again. Your legacy of democracy, honesty, integrity, humility, national pride & love of country will never be forgotten. Maraming Salamat Po !

  28. Its time for me to say my good by to a person whom made a lot of good things to all of us..but i hope that her goodnes and love will always be in our hearts..

  29. Farewell and thanks a lot for being a mothere not only to your own children but also to are my inspiration in life that being simple is the true meaning of life.

    Maraming maraming salamat po sa mga mabubuting mga ala-ala na iyong ipina ma hagi sa aming lahat lalong lalona sa mga kabataang naniniwala sa isang Magandang Pag babago your in our hearts always.

  30. Goodbye,Tita Cory! Maybe GOD told you; "Well done my faithfull servant! " Thank you so much for your life well lived!

  31. the message is clear. today, the convergence of generations of Filipinos from all spectrum of society reminds everyone and made it easy for those parents who participated in EDSA in 86 to explain to their children what the spirit of people power is. it provided a way for us to bridge the understanding of this power and the legitimacy of the power ... Read Moreof the sovereign -- the people. now, that everyone knows and feel what it is, now we are ready to use it again. i pray that we have learned enough since EDSA 1 to know that the failure of EDSA 1 to make fundamental changes to our societal and systemic ills did not lie on the convergence of the masses during those 4days of EDSA but what most of us failed to do afterwards. that is to be more involved in each of our community and to take it upon ourselves to be responsible for our governance. let us do it right this time. let us do it right starting 2010! one way is the peoples primaries

  32. All I can say is Maraming Salamat Po Pres. Cory. You deserve an honorary salute. A woman of principles, honor and dignity, with great value and virtues of being an filipino and worth dying for filipinos. We will miss you and may your love to our country remains to the hearts of filipinos. Hope that you are enjoying your eternal repost being now in the Highest Place.

  33. Angelie D. BalagtasAugust 5, 2009 at 7:51 PM

    mabuhay ang mga pilipino!maraming salamat president cory!you my rest in peace!hindi nmin makalimutan ang mga maganda halimbawa ginawa niyo sa atin bansa.maraming salamat dn sa GMA.lalo na s live stream & tribute ng ginawa nyo.

  34. Your now in God's side w/ joy..we thanks God for having us like you simbolo ng mapag mahal at mabuting tao,na may pagmamahal na walang pantay patay sa aming lahat..we love you very much


  36. I AM A FILIPINO !!! SAY IT WITH ME...HOPE CORY WILL HEAR ME...even im jsut a grain part of filipinos

  37. Ambie James M. NicolasAugust 5, 2009 at 8:10 PM

    Salamat sa kalayaang ipinamana mo sa amin tita cory.. i love you..

  38. Maxidinah Deng Masaya EcaminAugust 5, 2009 at 8:12 PM

    Ang sakit sa dibdib... nakakaiyak! Paalam Tita Cory.. ikaw ang INA NG SAMBAYANANG PILIPINO!!

  39. President Cory, thank you for restoring the freedoms that we now enjoy. We owe all of these to you.


  41. Salamat at paalam Tita Cory -from workboyz!

  42. A salute to a great inspiration for us who belongs to the newly grads during the edsa revolution..and been a part of it as a human barricade.kudos!!! sayang..hindi ako nakadalo ngayon..but my heart are with you filipino people..this live streaming is being watched by filipinos here in australia

  43. i was shocked about the news that cory aquino died. i know it is better for her to rest in peace to lessen and end her hardships for the philippines and her sickness. we love you cory and thank you. without you we do not enjoy every single freedom we have today.

  44. Last Song of President Cory

    ''We told mom that we are so guilty that we're letting her suffer a lot. That is why we've decided that we'll let her join dad (Ninoy),'' Kris Aquino recalled. The day after, the former president told them that she saw her late husband who was offering her to come with him in the afterlife. Kris said it was the first time she saw her mom smile again.

    Thank you, my dear, for loving me not just once but thrice.

    Look at our sons and daughters --
    brittle leaves of yesteryears are shining
    once again on the fields of gold:
    thorny fences, wrapped with yellow ribbons,
    line up along the endless road of struggle.

    Like you, my dear, I have tried my best
    to bring them to a life of divine. But there
    were others who refused to open their doors.
    Would sunlight and comfort come into their living room?

    My dear, forgive me
    for my shortcomings as what I have done when your
    absence hovers upon me like a shadow, but which I quietly kept
    in one of the rooms of my heart. Our weakness
    shall be their strength while they stand firm on the ground.

    But for now, my dear,
    as I draw out my last breath
    let us cherish the warmth of our sorely missed gaze.
    Let us hand down to them our carefully framed image:
    a couple who mutually embraced our Motherland
    and with palms cupped together like newly-weds vowing to stay together
    even in death and even if I am just a step away from my grave.

    Thank you, my dear, for loving me not just once but thrice.

    -Richard R. Gappi
    Wednesday, August 5, 2009
    10:23 AM- 5:30 PM (while President Cory is being laid to rest)
    Angono, Rizal, Philippines

    Huling Awit ni President Cory

    ''We told mom that we are so guilty that we're letting her suffer a lot. That is why we've decided that we'll let her join dad (Ninoy),'' Kris Aquino recalled. The day after, the former president told them that she saw her late husband who was offering her to come with him in the afterlife. Kris said it was the first time she saw her mom smile again.

    Salamat, mahal, sa tatlong ulit na (mong) pagmamahal.

    Tingnan mo sila, ang ating mga anak –
    sa dilaw na dagat, kumikinang ang naninilaw
    na pahina ng kasaysayan:
    mga alambreng tinik na may dilaw na kurbata,
    nakabarikada sa mahabang kalsada ng pakikibaka.

    Tulad mo, mahal, sinubok kong ihatid
    sa luwalhati ang lahat. Ngunit sa pagbagtas
    may mga pinto na tumangging magbukas.
    Paano sisinag ang ginto-dilaw na kinang at aliwalas?

    Mahal, ipagpaumanhin kung ano man
    ang ‘di naging sapat tulad ng mga kinimkim ko
    sa bulsa ng puso nang wala sa aking tabi ang iyong anino.
    Ang ating pagkukulang ang kanilang tutungtungan
    upang ang puwang ay mapunan.

    Ngunit sa ngayon, mahal,
    sa huling hibla ng bugtong-hininga,
    damhin natin ang init ng ating nagbabalik-bayang titig.
    Ipabaon natin sa kanila itong nakakwadro nating larawan:
    ang magkatuwang nating pagyakap sa bayan
    tulad ng pagdaop ng ating mga palad noong ikasal
    hanggang ngayong nasa bukana ako at patawid ng hukay.

    Salamat, mahal, sa tatlong ulit mong pagmamahal.

    -Richard R. Gappi
    Martes, Agosto 4, 2009
    9:35-11:45 ng umaga
    Angono, Rizal, Pilipinas

  45. We have flying doves, flaming
    candles, broken shackles.
    We saw Freedom in the form
    of a housewife, Corazon
    which to us all means heart.

    -by Mark Angeles
    [painting 'Girl in the yellow dress' by Amedeo Modigliani]

  46. May the outpouring of love (on Tita Cory) we all witnessed
    lead to the unity of Filipinos in all walks of life and towards an
    authentic social transformation. As ex-Sen. Vicente Tirona-
    Paterno said: "We were united in anger by the death of Ninoy;
    we should now unite in love in the passing of Cory." --- E.J.T.Tirona

  47. Paalam Mahal Naminh Ina

    Utang sa iyo ang aming kalayaan
    Demokrasyang nawala, iyong ipinaglaban.
    Nagdilim na bansa, iyong inilawan.
    huwaran kang tunay, naming kabataan.

    Paalam sa iyo, aming ina.
    Iyong ipinaglaba'y aming aalagaan.
    Tuloy ang laban, kahit saan man.
    Upang ipagpatuloy ang iyong sinimulan.

    Buong bansa'y namighati.
    Pati ulap ay nagdilim, tanda ng pakikipighati.
    Iyong pagpanaw ay di nais, ngunit ito'y dapat tanggapin.

    Sa iyong pagbalik sa ating lumikha.
    Kami'y panalangin mo sa tuwi-tuwina.
    Upang di mawaglit ang aral mong yaman namin.
    Paalam mahal Naming Ina.

  48. Hey!

    You've got a great blog going here.

  49. The Life of an Icon

    Maraming salamant, Tita Cory. I have vivid memories of you when we I used to lead mass actions to support you from EDSA People Power to the mass actions to support you vs. the coup plotters.

    The life of an Icon in history depends on how people of generations live the example of the icon. My prayer is that Filipinos do not forget you.

    I pray that our national memory of you and Ninoy does not flicker and forever stay in our struggle as a people. May we continually inspire one another

  50. We love you Madame Cory Aquino, Bon Voyage! God bless your soul and family!

  51. Umiiyak ang puso sa nasaksihan ang kamatayan ni Tita Cory ang bayan nagluksan, salamat sa kasaysayan at ako'y nabuhay sa panahon ngayon upang magpatunay at magpatotoo na si pangulong Cory ay isang Dakilang Pilipino na nagbalik ng kalayaan at tamasahin natin ang demokrasya ng may kabanalan at katwiran... ako'y nagagalak bilang Pilipino dahil sa'yo Tita Cory. Salamat!

  52. To the woman of courage... Too the woman of great determination... To the noble exemplar mother of our nation... The mother of democracy... The freedom saint... You are the woman we loved more than three times. Who marked history all over the world due to your untainted heart, soul, and powerful prayers. You brought peace and freedom here in our nation. We love you and surely we will miss you PRESIDENT CORY... May GOD BLESS our NATION... "MAGKAISA at ating itindig ang ating DEMOKRASYA. Ang handog ng PILIPINO sa mundo MAPAYAPANG paraang PAGBABAGO... Nawa'y mag-alab sa ating mga puso ang PAGMAMAHAL sa ating BAYAN.

    - James San Ramon Casumpang
    Phil. PeaceTech Ambassador

  53. Sa libing ni Cory naramdaman ko ang sandaling kalayaan... sandaling katarungan... sandaling kapayapaan at sandaling kaginhawaan... kailan kaya ang mga sandaling iyon ay mananatiling pangmatagalan?

  54. Green Convergence for Safe Food, Healthy Environment and Sustainable Economy condoles with the family of former President Corazon C. Aquino. We are one with the whole Filipino nation in our gratitude to her for restoring democracy to our country. We are inspired by her activism and active non-violence rooted in prayer. We are grateful for her decision, when she assumed the prresidency, to mothball the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant which spared the people of Bataan and the Luzon environment from the dangers posed by its flawed construction and siting and the radioactivity associated with this technology in all phases of its life cycle. May all of us, specially those at the helm of government, learn from her exemplary life of integrity and selfless service.

    Angelina P. Galang
    Green Convergence for Safe Food, Healthy Enviornment & Sustainable Economy

  55. We are not remembering your passing, we are Remembering your life, on behalf of the country, thank you for sharing it with us.


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