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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cory's Legacy and the Peoples Primaries

Cory's Legacy and the Peoples Primaries
by Philip Camara

Cory was one of the few if not the only Philippine President who was not driven by ambition but by a vision of restoring the freedom of Filipinos. A freedom that was taken away for some 14 years under a regime of her exact opposite: lust for power, greed beyond imagination, machinations to stay on and build a family political dynasty.

She was thrust upon the Philippine landscape not by design but by circumstances that many believe were Divine in nature. A Heavenly response to prayers for an end to tyranny from a people unorganized and afraid.

From the assassination of Ninoy to the snap election of 1986 and the protests and failed coup d’etat that led to the People Power Revolt or EDSA 1, events unfolded almost as if on cue to hand over the highest executive post to Cory.

Cory was not driven by ambition. She had a vision of restoring democratic institutions destroyed by Marcos and she did it well even in courageous defiance of many attempts by military officers to unseat her and re-install a non-democratic order.

23 years later she is gone. But she leaves a legacy of a President who had a vision and worked for it tirelessly, courageously, and successfully. She did this not through the usual machivellian guile that most past Presidents (and most especially the present one) used with the argument that the ends justifies the means, but no, by her faithfulness, her steadfastness, her truthfulness, her charity.

This , for me is Cory’s Legacy: Vision, not Ambition!

And as we approach the 2010 Presidential election will we be so guided by Cory’s Legacy? Who are coming forward to offer themselves to the country to fill the job of Philippine President? From the traditional political parties we see nothing but ambition; what with their self-declared nominations as candidates. There are many non-traditional politicians and non-politicians also offering themselves to fill the job.

As Cory was a non-traditional candidate without experience who proved to be the best President we ever had, will the Filipino People again need Divine interference to have another non-traditional candidate fill the post OR have we as a People learned from her Legacy and start the search while there is still time for a non-traditional candidate to end TRAditional Political rule in 2010?

What is the Vision that a new President, hopefully a non-traditional one. will serve aside from strengthening of greatly weakened democratic institutions? Where can we harness again real People Power not in one dramatic event of a few days, but in the next 278 days before the elections to concede to the spirit of national aspirations for the country by 2020 and select a slate of non-traditional candidates to bring it to fruition.

The People’s Primaries National Screening Council (composed of Sixto K. Roxas, Bishop Deogracias Iniguez, Bishop Rey Cristobal of the NSCPII, Nina Galang of the Green Convergence, Milwida Guevara of the Movement for Good Government, Tony Roldan of Transparency International and Bro. Roly Dizon of De La Salle) is one body of the People’s Primaries system that seeks to implement a District-based (local) process to elicit the national aspirations and the best team to carry it forward.

We humbly submit that we can best honor Cory’s Legacy by ensuring the next President is truly a People’s President.

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