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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ang Sagot ng mga Kapampangan sa Isyu kay Gov. Among Ed Panlilio

Nagsalita na ang mga tagasuporta ni Among Ed Panlilio. Isinigaw na nila ang kanilang nararamdaman na tunay na hindi makatarungan ang ginagawa sa kanilang gobernador. Bakit nga ba kapag gumagawa ka ng mabuti ay pilit kang papasamain at sisiraan? Narito po ang "THE KAPAMPANGAN PEOPLE'S STAND ON THE ISSUE OF RECOUNT FILED AGAINST THEIR DULY ELECTED GOVERNOR"

While the entire nation mourns the demise of the Mother of Philippine Democracy, Cory Aquino, we Kapampangans also grieve over the looming death of democracy in our home province. This after both the COMELEC and the Supreme Court endorsed Lilia Pineda’s PETITION FOR RECOUNT against Among (Fr..) Ed Panlilio, which means that the votes contained in 4,688 ballot boxes from 20 towns and one city in Pampanga should be counted again thus giving credence to all the ridiculous charges thrown to Among Ed in the 2007 gubernatorial race.

Pineda's camp alleges that Among Ed’s supporters committed vote buying, vote padding, vote shaving and massive cheating, and that there were votes for Pineda that were never counted. This is a preposterous allegation coming from the least likely candidate to be cheated, considering Pineda had all the means and the resources to guard each ballot. Surprisingly, the COMELEC and the SC concurred with her, even in the absence of any concrete evidence to support her allegations.

The SC virtually lifted its February 2008 status quo ante order on July 15, 2009 when it denied Among Ed's petitions against the protest case but the haste with which the High Court made its final and executory decision was suspicious. On July 24, 2009, a motion for reconsideration was filed but the same was denied by the SC en banc on July 28, 2009. And on July 31, 2009, the said resolution was served personally to Among Ed's lawyer (which is very unusual considering the fact that the SC would have its resolutions served personally only if it is a status quo or temporary restraining order).Â

For its part, the COMELEC's cognizant that time is of the essence for them to prepare rather for the 2010 automated national elections vowed for the speedy resolution of the case, and what's even more dubious is its assigning of 21 (instead of the usual 4) revision committees tasked with recounting the questioned ballots. Since many of the ballot boxes had also been found to have missing metallic seals and padlocks, how can we be assured now of the integrity and credibility of the entire process?

We believe in the importance of recount as a legitimate process for correcting a mistake in a previous election, and for protecting candidates with compelling evidence that indeed they have been cheated. But this particular recount petition against Among Ed is a fake or BOGUS RECOUNT, absolutely without merit and only meant to harass the Governor, unseat him and put in power someone else as part of a grand design to prepare the way for the Arroyos and their allies in the coming 2010 elections.

As a non-traditional candidate, Among Ed did not rely on guns to win; instead, he counted on the rosaries and fervent prayers of his thousands of supporters. Among Ed had no goons; he instead had people from all walks of life who volunteered their time and their services to carry him to victory. And lastly, Among Ed did not have gold; what he had was the resources and donations pooled together by the rich and the poor, bound by a common desire for change.

Only the candidate with the resources to buy votes can buy votes, and only the candidate with the means to cheat can actually cheat. Among Ed had neither resources nor means to do these unlawful acts; the only thing he had was the love and support of the people. It is absurdity for a man of God to cheat in order to gain power in serving the people. His conscience would never permit it. Come to think of it, who had the money, the machinery and the influence to do the cheating? Which candidate had the capacity to intimidate, buy votes and manipulate the results?Â

The recount order actually insults every decent Kapampangan who will never resort to and stand for intimidation, bribery and harassment. It is also insulting in its implication that the close to 220,000 Kapampangans who voted for Among Ed in 2007 resorted to election fraud. So now Among Ed's enemies are attacking the integrity and inherent good nature of the Kapampangan People themselves. Hence, this case is no longer a solitary fight of Among Ed, but now a war of all decent Kapampangans.Â

Even non-Kapampangans should find this recount order a cause for alarm because it sets a bad precedent for all future candidates in all future elections, anywhere — that the rich and influential candidates can use their money and influence to harass their opponents, unseat them and thwart the true will of the people. It is indeed a sad day for democracy when it is principal and influence, and not principle and evidence, that prevail. How can there be truth and justice here?

In the first place, why did the COMELEC and the SC give the go-signal to the RECOUNT that is lacking in form and substance since the petition filed was merely copied verbatim from another case? Using the shotgun approach, why did the Pinedas accuse Among Ed of committing all the possible forms of election fraud without any strong basis at all?

It is quite obvious that Among Ed's calvary started as soon as he launched his campaign against corruption: when he openly spoke against the Arroyo Administration’s wrongdoings; when he blew the whistle on the P500,000 he received after a meeting of local officials with the President right in Malacanang at the height of the NBN-ZTE scandal; when he filed plunder cases against Rodolfo ‘Bong’ Pineda (Lilia Pineda's husband) and the Lapids, who are all closely allied with the Arroyo family; when he stood his ground against the proposed Charter Change via Con-Ass; and when he said NO to SOPs and proved to the whole world that yes, it's possible for a government official to serve without the standard commissions from contracts.

Aside from the RECALL movement, launched a few months back, this RECOUNT is yet another cross imposed on the already overburdened shoulders of the duly elected Governor of Pampanga. The forces of darkness can hardly wait to unseat him because he is a beacon of light whose radiance has begun to expose their evil ways. What is really saddening is that even the SC, the last bastion of democracy and final refuge of the oppressed and the downtrodden, has been dragged into the mess created by this dark chapter in the history of our province. Is this because many of the Honorable Justices are GMA appointees?

The enemies first threatened Among Ed with RECOUNT; when that didn't flourish, they resorted to RECALL. When the latter failed too, RECOUNT was resurrected.

The unjustified RECOUNT is a direct affront and tantamount disrespect not only to Among Ed as a voter and candidate but more so to the collective decision and unified voice made by us Kapampangan People whom he represents as their duly elected leader.

Please never undermine our democratic right as Kapampangans from asserting our true will! Never impose your vested interests on our hearts and minds as Kapampangans! And never underestimate our capacity as brave and proud people to resist whatever and whoever steps on our principles and violates our sense of right and wrong!

For it is the men and women of goodwill, those who fight for truth, justice and democracy, who will ultimately determine the course of history. To the people behind this sham RECOUNT — motivated by their sheer lust for power — please “know that you are on the wrong side of history!

To the SUPREME COURT and the COMELEC: The Kapampangan People have already spoken! Please respect our sovereign will! Throw this baseless RECOUNT out!

Let evidence, not influence, rule every decision! Let principle, not principal, guide every judgment! Let the truth, and not concocted lies, triumph!

Why punish the one who put dignity back to public service, who erased the culture of corruption, and who raised the revenues of our dear province?

Kapampangans here and abroad: Now is the time to stand up for the truth! This is the moment for us to defend our votes!

We Kapampangans are a dignified race! We never harassed others! We never bought votes! We deserve to be treated with respect!



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