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Monday, August 24, 2009

Sali na sa 2Blog+2Act Online Blogging Competition

The Philippine Internet Users Society, Inc. (PIUS) is holding 2Blog+2Act: A Blogging Competition in celebration of OneWebDay 2009. All Filipino Bloggers are invited to join the blogging competition and write a blog post on the topic, "How Can We Make the Internet Accessible for Everyone?"

The blog should have clear idea/proposal and with strong opening and closing statements. Since the Competition also hopes to motivate people to act, the piece should have strong appeal to encourage readers or concerned sectors to do something to make internet accessible for everyone.

This blogging competition is part of the OneWebDay Celebration which will be held in the Philippines for the first time on September 22, 2009. The OneWebDay celebration is a global simultaneous event which was founded by Susan Crawford in 2006. Crawford, according to the OneWebDay website, “now advises President Obama on science, technology, and innovation policy at the National Economic Council.” The first-ever celebration in the Philippines is being hosted by PIUS and will feature exhibits, forums, and a social/professional networking event.

The blogging competition is just one of the pocket events being organized. The Celebration will also hold essay-writing contest, band competition, art/painting contest, and even an e-commerce open competition meant for netpreneurs.

The blogging competition which is co-hosted by Asyanna (, an upcoming online shop of Asian products, aims to encourage discourses and discussions on the role of information technology and the internet in our society, bearing in mind the challenges that the Philippines faces today.

According to Mike Alunan, CEO of PIUS, “Blogging has become a very powerful tool in disseminating information as well as in advocacy. It also provides a very accessible and cheap venue where practically everyone can freely express or read opinions. This competition, therefore, takes advantage of this powerful medium and hopefully, in the process of our advocacy, will pave the way for better access to the internet for everyone.”

Meanwhile, Asyanna’s partner, Mei Velas-Suarin, who is also a blogger at Wordpress and a writer in Suite101 online magazine (, emphasized the importance of the internet in both the personal and professional spheres. “With the internet, we have created a much smaller world. We can blog and reach out to millions. This was not possible before. More importantly, the internet has made it possible for small entrepreneurs to carve their own niches. We may be small but our combined numbers make the millions!”

Details on the competition, the organizers and OneWebDay can be viewed via Deadline for submission of entries is on the midnight of September 15, 2009.

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