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Saturday, July 25, 2009

BROOD: CHA-CHA Is Not OUR Priority Now

Why Did We Not Dance CHA-CHA?

WE, the officers and members of Brotherhood of Destiny come up with a position on Charter Change (CHA-CHA).

Like our country, the youth is as divided in this issue. And because of this move, the Government has been pre-occupied and has lost its attention in the delivery of social services to the people which should have been its primary obligation.

WE firmly believe that constitutional change is needed but WE qualify that it is not yet the time because the purpose and the people behind this move are in question. Our stand is that we will not allow ourselves to be manipulated on this matter by any politician, political party or even by other groups with selfish political interests, in the guise “of a brighter future for the Filipinos especially us, the youth.”


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