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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Among Ed Panlilio's A TIME to Restore Faith

Tunay na napakaganda ng ating panahon sa ngayon sapagkat may mga taong sa kabila ng kanilang estado at mga panunuya sa kanila ay nananatiling matatag at mapagmatyag. narito ang isang mensahe mula kay Gov. Among Ed Panlilio ng Pampanga, A Time to Restore Faith:

Ours is a republican democracy where sovereignty resides in and all government authority and power emanates from the people. With the highly questionable passage of House Resolution 1109 and its far-reaching effects should it continue to be pursued by its proponents in the Lower House, pro-con-ass legislators and their patrons in Malacanang will not only cause to sow further disunity, fan the flame of our people's desire to have a GOVERNMENT that is more responsive to their needs. Especially at a time when we find our Motherland in a crisis as we do today , she deserve the best from all of us. Our people have been robbed enough already.

As elected officials, we have an obligation to our people to fight for their true sentiments and beliefs.. It cannot be helped that doubts surrounding the passage of House Resolution 1109 which include extending the term of elective officials for an indefinite period to participate the birth of a parliamentary form of government eleven months shy of the upcoming National and Local Elections, reinforce the notion that the people have been silenced and forgotten by those who govern. And it is time that we restore the people's faith and trust in its leaders.

Anti HR 1109 protest dispersed by water cannon

I join the rest of our nation in urging all our lawmakers to be the voice of the people in the government - abandon personal interest and cast patronage ambition aside. And to our countrymen and women, I enjoin you all to continue to remain vigilant and oppose any and all efforts to change the fundamental law of the land before the 2010 elections, especially if done through a manner that seeks only to undermine our democratic and political institutions and betray our authentic will...

Change is coming to the Philippines and we should not allow for unscrupulous forces to stand in its way and force their selfish motives on us. I continue to believe in the innate goodness of the Filipino and it is my hope that the members of the House will be convinced to leave constitutional revision to a future Constitutional Convention.

"May bukas pa!" as Father Joaquin Bernas, S.J. and the little boy Santino say. Huwag naman natin itong ipagkait sa ating mga kababayang naghahangad ng mabuting kinabukasan at pagbabago sa ating lipunan! Ang higit na nakataya rito ay kinabukasan ng milyon-milyon nating kababayang naghihirap, silang walang lupa, trabaho, bahay o makain man lang.


Among Ed Panlilio (Governor, Province of Pampanga)

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