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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Manny Pacquiao didn’t win a great fight? Really?

I read an article from William M. Esposo of Philstar entitled, "Manny Pacquiao didn’t win a great fight" and at that instant while reading it I realized the typical characteristic of Us, Filipinos. We could never accept hat someone did win a victory against a great opponent. We doubt the capacity of a Manny Pacquiao winning over Oscar dela Hoya. It is sad but this is the reason why we are not progressing. Instead of focusing on the positive things we are more inclined to promote the negative and highlight the failures of our country.

What William Esposo have written may have been true because anything is possible but for me it is ridiculous. Would the great OScar dela Hoya let his career get messed by someone like Pacman? Would he allow his reputation to be tainted by a sell off fight? Would he just be interested in the money?

Judging by the past Oscar dela Hoya is not the man that is being projected by Esposo's article. I do not wish to get into a heavy discussion or exchange with the writer of the article but I would rather think positive and savor the victory of a Filipino and go negative and say that it was a cheap fight.

I do agree that it is not the great fight we all expect it to be since against Pacquiao's 200+ landed punches Oscar only managed 83. There seems to be no opposition from dela Hoya whatsoever, but the thing is if I would sell off a fight would it be better to make it at least not that obvious?

We should get over our innate character of "crab mentality". This is the most common problem we encounter in everyday life including the office, at home and even in politics. We refuse to just celebrate good things about our fellow Filipino and look for holes in that good thing.

Let us thank William Esposo for writing this article but at least he could have done better by also highlighting the possibility that he could have been wrong. I am not a perfect human being saying that he is wrong for I am just saying that positive things should always out shadow negativity.

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