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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Nouveau Riche University Scam and Real State

I was wondering if a school like this will be available in the Philippines. Nouveau Riche is a college which teach its students the ability to become successful entrepreneurs in the field of Real State Investing. Its success stories was tremendous but despite of that they were haunted with the report of the Nouveau Riche Scam branding them as a cheap MLM company and does not deserve to be called a University. But what is this all about?

Nouveau Riche Scam details many things including the fact that the properties sold is overprices, that they are really a Multi Level Marketing company and that their educational courses are priced too high. For my case every MLM company had received that treatment. MLM's defies the law of marketing on a definite target market that would definitely saturate. I have been to MLM and the first thing you should consider is the product and what you are about to sell.

For the Philippines, personalities like Manny Villar had made a lot of money through real state. Prominenza here in Baliuag. Bulacan is a great community which is offered to people and it is right beside SM. The cost of one house and lot costs more than 1.5Million pesos. Dealers abound and they get around 3%, so that's what they say to me.

When you to malls and even sidewalks you can see real state dealers giving out flyers about the latest condo units or subdivisions. Real state business is a regular thing and it is profitable but all of that defends on your capability and outlook.

Nouveau Riche University is a university that do teaches techniques on real state enterprising and well before going there I do suggest that people review Nouveau Riche Scam postings and evaluate for themselves. After all there are good and bad things about everything.

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