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Friday, August 8, 2008

Some Reflections on the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity (BJE)

I would like to share an article or post written by a fellow member of the Botomo Yahoo Groups. I think what he says has a strong point and perhaps deserve some consideration. Many of us are not welcome with the idea of a BJE because we fear that we will loose Mindanao. But the question is when did Mindanao become ours in the first place? I think they had been part of the Philippines because Christians and others had settled did and titled the lands... therefore by legality it is indeed part of the Philippines.

Anyway here is the article....

Zamboanga's geographical location allows a strategic command in the Asian regional development as a 'Free City', a melting pot for and Trade Center for Christian and Muslim traders.

Cotabato City will eventually become the center of Bangsa Moro and the Muslin center of trade and commerce especially with Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and the Middle East.

The prominence of the Sultanates will free all the lands to the use of citizens of Bangsa Moro - just like Malaysia and Indonesia where the Sultanate rules and allocate land to the best state use under the administration of a Chief Minister and a LandHolding corporation thereby assuring investors and long-term industries of a continuing and sustainable operations.

It also guarantee homes for all Bangsa Moro citizens, just like Kota Kinabalo and Bandar Seri Begawan. Sabah can be reverted back to the Sultanate of Sulu by virtue of it being ruled under the Sultanante of Sabah under the Federal State of Malaysia.

How much will the 25% national contribution mean to the GRP when Bangsa Moro's state revenue increases from Muslim Investors? The experience of the Emirate countries in the Middle East is something we all need to experience - and why deprive our Muslim brothers a better life?

It is high time the Regional Autonomy and Federal system need to be tried out by other region with ample natural resources and see their communities prosper and their children's children having a brighter future instead of working abraod as OFWs.

The fears of Zamboanga political leaders are normal for the fear of losing their oligarchy and personal holdings to the mercy of the Sultanates who will revert all lands for the use of the people.

Zamboanga can be the 'Free Port and Export Zone for the global market with its terminus for land,air and sea transport. the 'Dubai of the South Seas'.

Sulu will become the 'tourism center' of the Muslim world, where Muslim royalties can enjoy privacy and isolation from the 'crazy world'.

Kota-bato will be the 'Stone Fort' of Muslim industries, the 'Saudi Arabia of the Tropics'.

Christians & other religious groups, 'native Pilipinos' and foreigners will be able to experience the ethnic diversity of the new 'Bangsa Malaya' as the new nation of diversity and freedom.

Dream for the future allows us to tunnel our vision to a better life and hopefully influence our present actions to a projected consequences and predictable outcomes.

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Nat John G Duenas

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