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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Handa ka na ba sa iyong retirement? (Are you ready for your retirement?)

Muli narito na naman ang isang napakaganda at malaman na artikulo mula kay kaibigang Alvin Tabanag. Nawa ay kapulutan ninyo ito ng mga bagay na makakatulong sa inyong pagsisikap araw-araw...

Planning for a hassle-free and comfortable retirement

Sooner or later you will have to stop working. Sa tingin mo ba mabubuhay ka ng maginhawa kapag ikaw ay retired na? You probably would hope so. But hoping alone will not help much to ensure that your retirement years will be comfortable and stress-free. Separate surveys conducted by multinational financial companies revealed a not so rosy picture for Filipino retirees. Here are some of the disturbing findings:
  • less than half of Filipinos prepare for retirement; one of the lowest proportions in the world.
  • majority of retirees depend heavily on the government, previous employers or family members
  • only 3 out of 10 Filipinos are confident they will have sufficient funds for retirement
  • out of 10 retirees are still working. Most of them are forced to work to continue earning a living
  • savings of the average Filipino will only last nine (9) weeks
We Pinoys are well-known as procrastinators; madalas nating sinasabi “tsaka na” yan. We also have this “bahala na” attitude, which gives us a convenient excuse not prepare well for something. Combine these two and you have a recipe for financial trouble come retirement time.

You have to start planning for your retirement now. Do not depend on your government pension because this will not be enough. Baka kulang pa itong pambili ng gamot para sa maraming sakit pagtanda mo. Do not depend on your children, too. It is not fair to demand financial support from your children when you are no longer earning. They will have their own families and challenges to face. Paano kung naghihirap din ang mga anak mo, saan ka hihingi ng suporta?Justify Full

The responsibility to take care of your needs when you’re retired rests in you alone: not on the government, not on your children, not on your previous employer, not on your dog or your cat, not on anyone else. Kung maghihirap ka man pagkatapos magretiro, sarili mo lang ang pwede mong sisihin. So, you won’t be spending the rest of your lives blaming yourself or others start preparing now! Here are six steps you can follow so you can have a hassle-free and fun-filled retirement.

1. Define your retirement goals and needs.
2. Estimate other sources of retirement income.
3. Determine if you have funds already available for retirement.
4. Calculate additional funds needed for retirement.
5. Save and invest to build-up the required fund.
6. Monitor and update the plan regularly.

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