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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Am I Not Tired of Saving the World?

Sometimes somebody will ask me, "Are you not tired of saving the world?" They usually refer to the work I do for Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD). Whenever that questions comes in, I will definitely pause for a while and think if I am tired of what I am doing right now. Am I not tired? Am I not frustrated? And then I will simply answer NO I AM NOT TIRED. Besides we are not saving the world... WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

Mei and others think that I have more time for BROOD than my family but what they do not know is I am also doing this for them. Will I let them live in a world where people do not really care that much? Will I leave them to people whom I do not really know? BROOD is a family and whatever happens am sure that most of them will never ever let my kids and family get hurt or be astray.

Today, we are supposed to have a meeting in Bustos but in the nick of time I changed the schedule because most of them were not available in the morning. Am I furstrated? Yes. Definitely, I am frustrated. I am wondering how come they will say yes and they will not even come on time. Perhaps I should have done this and that and that instead of just waiting here for nothing.

Then again, I will realize that being a Ryodan involves extraordinary patience, optimism, passion and outlook... that is what BROOD is all about. We are here as one family in order to make a difference. I am hoping that more and more of my fellow Ryodan will realize this.

BROOD is not just your ordinary organization... it is created differently.... it is a holistic organization where your personality and organization meges together and form a bond that lasts till you no longer wanted that to exist.

Will I ever get tired of what I am doing? Sometimes, I do get tired and keeps on asking what the hell I am doing... but I do not know my heart won't let me surrender. My passion won't die. But I definitely need you and every Ryodan... we are after all ONE and COLLECTIVE.

I write this blog post because right now I did get tired, irritated and frustrated... but I will not loose optimism and pride to be a RYODAN!

Here is the video that I made for the organization which inspired me everytime I see it and I hear the songs...

CIRCLE OF LIFE --> We are indeed in one circle and if we want to survive we should help one another and make a difference.

CHILD --> let us see through the eyes of a child and change the world.. let us reach for our dreams and never let go!

Here is another one... made by one of our members which continues to inspire me.

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