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Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's wrong with us? What's wrong with the Philippines?

Crab MentalityThis is a response I made in botomo yahoo groups regarding again a heated discussion about the rescent stand of the Catholic Church regarding reproductive health and well I do not care not receiving a communion either for I believe that it is not the ways and ceremonies that can save the soul but the heart, the faith and the act of the person...

What's wrong with our country... well you can see it in the way people response on issues and debates with other people.... I admire those who stay on the issues being discussed but it is sad to see those who also dwell on the personality issues and take attack on that side.

We are still struggling because we fail to address issues and are blinded by the rigidness of some of our beliefs. We should be open minded and at least discuss issues on the plain level.

As for the Reproductive Health issues, I do not see any problem with making available contraceptives, pills and condoms. The youth and others do it anyway so the best thing to do is to at least protect them from unwanted pregnancies, Sexually-Transmitted Diseases and more. There is a separation of Church and State and I agree also that despite this separation the church should guide its flock and I am totally for that... but the thing is it is not only overpopulation that is at risk but also the changing times of the modern age.

More than the population control issue I think the government should also promote positive and meaningful media. Lessen sex and violence on television and make it hard for minors to avail of adult materials. Implement laws and lessen corruption. We cannot just blame the populace for the government and its leader should also set an example. We are still being run by a system which is rotten and corrupt. A system that continues to deteriorate and affects us as a people and as a nation.

I also put it to this post that the church needs to do more in helping the people. There are only few who actually helps and brings services to their constituents. Most of the collections are spent on their needs as well as in beautification of churches. This does not only encompass the Catholic Church but also other denomination and sects. I for one know one of this kind and I hope that people and church leaders would live according to what is written or thought by the teacher or God they believe in.

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