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Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Son's Letter to His Mom

Dearest Mom,

Upon reading this letter, you are sure to be on your way to your dream destination -- the United States of America. A land that you have dubbed as more than the land of the free but more as the land where dreams are to be fulfilled. It has always been your dream to set foot on its shores, to taste the life you've only heard on news reels and read on newspaper articles. But now, as the metal bird gets you higher and higher up into the clouds, you'll be living that dream in a matter of hours.

Mom, I am very much thankful and grateful that you have made this decision to leave for the sake of the family. Even thought this is not what I really wanted for you to do, I am more than glad to see you basking in happiness as you take that historic leap towards the realization of your dreams. I should've have been the one on that plane if only I had the courage to step into farther leagues and if only I didn't love this nation as much as I have you and dad. I could've done something more to encourage you that dreams can still be fulfilled in the land of our forefathers, but for someone like you whose dreams are too great, even Rizal cannot stop you. Even Rizal dreamed of and reached far away lands.

Mom, while I am thankful, I am also disheartened by the fact that you are leaving us at a bad time. This is a time when we are fighting for that remaining memoir of my dad, your husband, our father. You could've stayed a little longer until the fight is over. I do not know if you realize this but I am still weak and fearful of taking the steps on my own. I may appear valiant and courageous when we face the enemy on the field, but deep inside, I really cannot be valiant and courageous without you by my side. Indeed, I am still a mama's boy within.

But with your exodus, I know that God has intended for this to happen. It is a test, a challenge -- an awakening from the long, innocent slumber called boyhood to the mad and vigorous world of manhood. With your departure, God has entrusted me and my sisters a bigger task that He greatly expects we could accomplish. He will guide me, as you have always guided me when I was growing up. And you have never failed to guide me, even perhaps as you toil to reach your American dream. I will not blame you anymore for trying to desert us in such time when the battle is still raging. You have a new role to perform, while I will be handed that task that you have left -- provider, mother and father.

Mom, as you usher the world into your arms, I wish that it could change you. I hope that it could make you see and accept the various colors that make up the spectra of life, the way that life has change my monochromatic view of the world which I inherited from you. I remember how we our opinions always grapple with each other and how sometime it leads to hurtful exchanges of words, but now, as the light of the world shines on you, I hope that it fills you with a new realization -- that a successful life is not a matter of sex, age, race, creed, faith or status but by how you give what is due to each person, and by doing what makes you and your fellow person happy.

Mom, look out of the window of your plane. See how the ocean slowly turns into greenery. Down there is your dream, your hope, your life. Grab it and never let it go. Kiss the ground if you have to once you arrive. But nevertheless, as your new life begins to unfold, never forget that there is a son and a family that is wishing you all the good in life and is eagerly waiting for your fateful return.

With all my love for you and dad,

Your son

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