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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Boracay The Number 1 Toursist Destination Soon A Wasteland

Most of us want to experience Boracay and its white sand beaches. It was pictured as a cozy place where comfort and relaxation could be felt through the warm waters of this scenic island. However in recent years Boracay is slowly turning into a wasteland... a wasteland that will soon bring Boracay as a pigment of memory and legend.

Resort owners and the Local Government Officials of Boracay had consistently neglected environmental protection for this beautiful island and now they are faced with tons of problems affecting not only tourism but the local inhabitants of the island.

Both the resort owners and politicians and their selfish interests is slowly driving this island to the brink of its extinction. Why? Well here are some links which depicts the problems encompassing Boracay.
Eto ang isa pang problema na nailathala na sa GMA 7 noong 2005 pa at ang tanong may nagawa na ba?

I hope that senator Loren Legarda in his message can bring some solid solution to this problem... but that would not be effective unless the local folks in Boracay also help in its restoration.

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