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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Start of Something New

It was the start of something new for me today. While it was not my first time to teach in elementary, it will be my first time to teach full time and with an advisory class. I have to admit that I've been nervous about the start of the school year since last night but I pretended to act naturally as I would do I were teaching in high school.

Why am I nervous? Well, for one thing, elementary is a whole lot different from high school. First, I will have to adjust my teaching style to suit the mental capacity and understanding of the elementary students. It is not easy to do this as I have accustomed myself into using a strategy that could bring out Higher Order Thinking Skills in my students in high school. Second, discipline in elementary is different from discipline in high school. While most of you may not agree with me, I have to say, I have a better time instilling discipline in high school. For their part at least, high school students know how to behave already considering the fact that they are more mature now. Whereas with elementary students, they are still playful, emotionally unstable and are susceptible to tantrums. If you scold them or just give them a verbal warning, they could interpret that in whole different way. And for me, that could me a memo from the office or a conference with a pissed parent.

As school started today, I am both surprised and ecstatic with my advisory class. While most of my anakis were my former students in Grade Four PE, I also had a few faces unfamiliar to me. But getting along with them isn't difficult. For the majority of them, I already know what makes them tick or what irritates them so I made a very subtle but commanding approach. I am pleased with the fact that I got most of the playful, goofy batch of young boys and girls who are good in academics in their own way. But I am also discovering a handful of book smarts and geeks who I will obviously have fun with during HEKASI time.

The entire orientation day went smoothly; my advisory class was easy to train and manipulate on the school rules and regulations (mainly due to the fact that we've been instilling it to them for the past eight years). There weren't no untoward incidents and they seem to be interested and motivated a lot to participate and answer my questions.

I am fearful of the following days especially once regular classes start. But I am confident that my training and my colleagues will guide me in surviving elementary school.

It's funny when I think of the old days when I myself was a grade five student. Those were the days of first crush, playing hockey in corridor with a tin can, and flying paper planes. But I'll have to reserve this for another blog.

In the end, all's well that ends well.

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