Walang masama na maging maingay. We should express how we feel as citizens of the Philippines. Be noisy for a cause. Be noisy for the right thing. Let us be Pinoise with common sense. Hindi na kami pagod kasi noisy na kami!


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Prime ClassTraders bags the first ever Search for "Okey Ka, Pinoy Ka!"


Prime ClassTraders bags the first ever Search for "Okey Ka, Pinoy Ka!" Blogs with a total of 50.83 points and gets ahead two closest rival, The Click Here to Know More About Okey Ka, Pinoy Ka!Clamor of Kalinga (49.50) and Taboan Mindanao (49.17). Prime Class Traders took the edge in the online votingwith 65 votes for 12.5 points total while Taboan Mindanao was the top pick of the judges with 46.67 points.

Of the 8 judges only 3 submitted their judgement on time thus we take the decision from them. The 3 judges are seasoned bloggers so we took the liberty of trusting their judgement in order to deliver finality to the Search. These judges are: Woobie - a seasoned blogger and author of Evilwoobie.com; TeamPZ - entertainment blogger of Mind Relaxing Ideas; and Julia Aquino - one of the most successful celebrity-entertainment blogger in the blogosphere. Her blog Julia Aquino in blogspot is one of blogs success stories.

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