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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Most expensive flagpole in the world... and many more

Now tell me that there is no corruption in the government! How can we change this system that had sucked us for too long... we need a new system... we need to take action and change this nation! The article that follows is courtesy of Perry Diaz.

The flagpole that was built for 17,968 pesos.

The provincial government of Zambales has investigated how the 18 million peso fund to resettle residents displaced by Hanjin's $1.7 billion ship-building facility was spent. Though the ship-building facility is world class by all accounts, the facilities for residents pushed off their land is less impressive.

The new 471,338 peso Agusuhin Plaza Basketball Court. Enjoy kids!

The footbridge that provides the only access for students to get to their school.

The 585,500 peso water tank. Drink up!

The 66,908 peso bathrooms for high school and elementary school students. Is that Italian marble?

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