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Monday, June 16, 2008

Maharlika, Ang Dakilang Lahi: Ikalawang Yugto

Pagkatapos ng mahabang komento at pagpapalitan ng kuru-kuro hinggil sa usaping ito sa Maharlika, Ang Dakilang Lahi na sinulat ko noon January 9, 2008 ay nais ko namang ibahagi ang sinulat ni Ric Vil Hori sa kanyang blog na Maharlikan hinggil sa tunay na kahuluhan ng salitang "Maharlika"...

Former President Ferdinand Marcos attempted to make a move to change the country's name from the glaringly obvious, colonial undertoned "Philippines" into the noble "Maharlika." With its invaluable benefit at inculcating nationalism and strengthening the psyche of an otherwise strife-torn country thanks to alien meddling, double-whammied with its own weakened identity, it was a move not just to empower himself, but the rest of his countrymen as well.

But, the people too embittered with hardships and atrocities committed against them courtesy of worlwide manipulation by alien interests like the CIA (you mean, up to now you still didn't get it ?!?!), immediately held him suspect, convincing it a ploy for selfish aggrandizement.

The most destructive damage done against the movement to rename the country came from a supoposedly Filipino academic "scholar". Re-echoed by an alien puppet corporate media (Time Magazine, 19 June 1989) to give weight to its "credibility" in the mindset of puppeteered hoardes, the supposed "scholar" convinced the gullible that Maharlika stemmed from the Sanskrit word maha lingam, which means "great phallus." Deeming it fashionable to disobey the alien supported dictator, the rest of the "intellectuals" and the obviously-Sanskrit unaware plebeians sucked up to it hook-line-and-sinker, no questions asked.

That was before the Internet Era. Research any Sanskrit dictionary search engines today and you will discover that Maharlika may have originated from the words Maha Lekha, which means "Great (noble) Work (writing)". Even the Tagalog language also incorporated it with "likha", which means 'create'.

The use of Internet had virtually exposed the "scholar" to be the usual crab-minded dork for the otherwise irreparable damage he had done, and the 'credibility' of that magazine should be held in question.

Ask anybody from what term Maharlika would come close into, whether maha lekha (great work) or maha lingam (great phallus) and the idiots will unanimously choose the latter.

And the Philippines remained named up to this day, still brittle in its divisive state, lacking in national pride while the rest of its Asian neighbors race in stride with their much nourished cultural legacies (and Filipinos had the gall to wonder why).

Filipinos have chosen to be named as they are, as colonial 'Alipin' to invisible alien masters, glaringly gullible to the puppeteer's invisible strings, rather than as a free people, rather than as Maharlikans.


  1. Maraming salamat kapatid sa pagliliwanag.

    Mula sa dugong maharlika. Ang lahi ko ay dakila!

    Mabuhay ang Lahing Kayumanggi!

  2. Kami'y pagod na na maging o tawaging si "Juan"!

    Tawagin niyo kaming MAHARLIKA!


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