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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The GMA 7 Enforcer on YouTube: Truth or Hoax

Last week more then 15 videos I posted on YouTube was removed by them because of a copyright infringement report by a certain copygma who claims that he/she is from GMA 7 and enforces their copyright conditions.

I am an advocate of free information sharing but also has high respect for copyright. I admit that the video I made of Bubble Gangs TV-Movie deserves to be removed because it is really a TV Show and infringes copyright. The others when strictly looked into also infringes it but the thing is should shows like Signos whose aim is to educate the public on action towards Climate Change deserves to be removed and made available only to those buying a copy bought on stores?

The competition between ABS-CBN's The Filipino Channel (TFC) and GMA's Pinoy TV is very uneven. Filipino overseas says that TFC is a lot better than the latter. GMA's show overseas is aired late and most of the documentary are not even shown to them. Most of them then resulted to searching for the videos in YouTube.

Overseas Filipinos love to watch GMA's shows however the unavailability of them abroad is what caused them to go to YouTube. I think that GMA 7 should consider the benefits of their videos being in YouTube.

As for copygma I have already called on GMA 7 to verify the authenticity of the claims of this user. If not he/she should end up in jail for usurpation of authority.

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