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Sunday, May 25, 2008


As we all know, life shifts its ways.It's basically the same for all people. Someone's good luck might shift into something bad and most of us react according to the outcome of this shift.

Recently, one of the shifts that came up my teaching career was my decision to transfer to the public school system. I had a couple of reasons for this:

1. I want to accomplish my social responsibility by exposing myself to the grassroots area and share my teaching skill there.

2. I want to have a more liberal atmosphere in teaching, wherein I can experiment on various teaching strategies and engage my students in different activities for learning.

I was already on my way in the application process. Eastern Bacoor National High School (where my mom works as the Makabayan Coordinator) at Queen's Row, Bacoor, Cavite has already interviewed me after I passed my resume. But as quickly as I shifted to this decision, another shift came up.

I mentioned this already at a previous post (see "Chronicles of a Night Out). While out on a night of drinking, my colleagues asked me what my decision is about staying or resigning from work. I said I have already applied for public school. To the last minute, they convinced me into staying granted that the management would take away my PE load. They also promised to help me out in explaining to the management about my change of heart. I was surprised that it went smoothly and without a glitch.

So, two shifts this summer. But then, as they have recently given my subject load, another shift was terribly obvious. They've placed me in-charge of Grades 5-6 Hekasi (Heograpiya, Kasaysayan at Sibika). I resented the assignment the moment they gave it to me but had to accept it whole-heartedly otherwise. Being a Bachelor in Secondary Education, I am trained to handle students in high school, not elementary pupils. While it is still in the realm of Social Studies, I have difficulties in going below my level -- in bring my teaching strategies a notch lower. I wonder if I will be able to generate HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) from my would-be students.

What's more, the assignment is an eight-load assignment. I will be handling four sections per level from 7 AM to 2 PM straight with only short breaks. Talk about shifting from one subject matter to another with just a close of a door. Am I expected to have two heads for this task? Most probably, let alone good legs. I do hope that certain news about a salary increase would compensate for this monstrous task that they've given me.

What am I feeling right now? Well, despite me resentment, I do admit to being excited and enthusiastic about the coming year. While I have resented their decision to place me at the elementary level, a side of me is already considering teaching strategies that would be new to fifth and sixth graders and I am hoping that these strategies will be effective in instill awareness of their Filipino heritage.

Shifts are part of everyday live. As my own life witnesses shifts everyday, I have learned to accept them whole-heartedly but always with a grain of salt. Another wonderful day in the secret life of a teacher.

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