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Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Horrific Treetop Condos in Subic forest, a monument to deceit"? Hype not factual.

Isang papalapit at mas malaking krisis ang nag-aabang sa ating bansa at sa buong mundo. Ito ang kinakatawan ng mga signos na nagaganap. Ang krisis sa bigas sa ating bansa ay manipestasyon ng lumalalang pagbabago ng Klima. Habang nangyayari ang mga ito ay may mga taong patuloy na nagsasamantala sa ating kalikasan. Eto ang isang sulat at pahagay na nagmula sa ilan sa tagapagtanggol ng kalikasan...

Paano natin pangangalagaan ang kalikasan kung pati ito ay nadadamay sa katiwalian? Kaawa-awang bayan!

Letter to the Editor
April 14, 2008

All natural ecosystems, including the Subic watershed, are complex, such that proposed projects that can impact the concerned ecosystem are required to prepare an exhaustive

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) so that an independent technical review team can

Recommend mitigation measures that would allow the project to merit an Environmental

Compliance Certificate (ECC) with conditions that re enforced. DENR Secretaries Angel .Alcala and Mike Defensor both signed agreements with SBMA allowing it to exercise environmental sel-regulation by having its Ecology Center perform the EIS rules on project proposals in its jurisdiction.

"It's horrific!75% of our rainforest has disappeared. This same thing is happening here,.''exclaimed an environmental NGO head.

"An ammunitions and explosive testing area, warehouses and bunkhouses used to stand in that area. There were no trees anymore,' Senator Gordon described its near 50 year use by the US Navy thus correcting the emotional hype that the condos were built in the middle of the rainforest after cutting forest trees.

But the good Senator, usually sober, spoils this factual revelation by going into political hype defending SBMA head Arreza and laid the blame on Ecology Center chief,

Ameth Kovak, as unqualified to hold the post and was a "political" appointee of then SBMA chief Payumo, whose takeover he had doggedly resisted. Ms. Kovak has been retained as the Center chief by four SBMA chiefs after Gordon- Payumo, Licuanan, Saolonga and Arreza.

We, the undersigned environmental movement leaders, deplore the liberal use of emotional and political hype instead of 100 % facts. The cold light of knowledge and not the heat of such hype are needed to protect, conserve and preserve this beautiful land and waters of our rich natural resources.

We recommend that DENR Sec. Atienza amend the SBMA environmental |"'autonomy" with oversight by the Region III Director , who chairs the Protected Area Management Board of Bataan National Park where the 8,000 ha Subic watershed is located in Morong.

For starters, the PAMB should ensure that a Multipartite Monitoring Team (MMT) is duly constituted to ensure ECC compliance by the Hanjin condo, considering it's 3 hectare site is only 2 kilometers away from the core forest and they even started construction before they received the ECC.

And a happy Earth Day to us all.


Roger C. Birosel
Rolando Soncuya
Yoyong Magdaraog
Karen Tanada

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