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Saturday, February 9, 2008

MABUTING BALITA: Filipino is grand champion in Austria's 'Musical! Die Show'

Sa katakut-takot na kontrobersiya sa ZTE-NB deal siguro panahon naman na isang mabuting balita ang bumulaga sa atin... kaya naman salamat sa BALITA-USA ni Perry Diaz para sa information na ito.

Vincent Bueno-Music of The Night-Musical-Die Show

Isa na namang Filipino singer ang nagbigay karangalan sa ating bansa ng manalo sya sa "Musical! Die Show" sa Europe... wow hanep iba talaga ang pinoy. (More videos in full below)

ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau

Filipino singer Vincent Bueno triumphed in his bid to become the grand winner of the "Musical! Die Show" on Friday, reported ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau.

http://www.abs- storypage. aspx?StoryId= 105293
A full-blooded Filipino born in Vienna to Pinoy parents, Bueno shouted "Philippines! Philippines!" after he was declared the winner of "Musical! Die Show" (Musical! The Show), an Austrian singing competition with all the pizazz and campy glamour of "American Idol" but much tougher: instead of simply singing pop tunes, contestants are required to choose from Broadway musical theater repertoire, and give a performance that involves singing, dancing, acting and theatrical effects.

"Musical! Die Show" is aired over the Austrian national broadcaster ORF.

Televiewers in Austria and nearby countries where ORF is telecast and supporters of Bueno from all over the world either phoned in or sent SMS messages to give him 67% of televotes--a landslide victory.

Bueno faced Austrian Eva Klikovics who won the second place with 37% of televotes in the final part of the Musical! Die Show.

The other Austrian, Gudrun Ihninger, was eliminated early on, after the three completed their two solo numbers.

For his first act, Bueno energetically sang "Greased Lightning", a Broadway song from the musical "Grease".

He immediately received a roaring applause and standing ovation from the studio audience.

The crowd went wild and again stood in ovation and gave Bueno thunderous, almost deafening applause after he sang his final solo number which was "Music of the Night", the most famous song from the musical "The Phantom of the Opera".

The jury said that for them, Bueno was undoubtedly the winner but said that his fate would be decided by the world, as everyone waited for the televotes to pour in. The world agreed and crowned Bueno the first Asian, the first Filipino to become grand champion.

Bueno faced astonishing odds from the start. For the auditions, he had to compete with 400 other aspirants.

His first appearance already made an impact among televiewers in Austria because not only is he the only Asian among Austrian contenders but he was already proving to be the best performer of the pack.

Bueno has become an instant celebrity in Austria when he won televotes to keep him in the second of seven elimination rounds of Musical! Die Show which started on November 23. The jury repeatedly commended his excellent performance.

Bueno continued to wow the jury and audiences around the world, getting a large number of supporters and fans all over Europe, North America, the Philippines and even Australia. With so many supporters, he survived seven eliminations and entered the Magic Three in the finals.

By the seventh round on January 4, Bueno already became a byword in Austrian households and attracted the interest of Pinoys world-wide. With his stellar performances and good looks, he is endlessly watched on com, www.digitalpinoy. org and discussed at blogs and forums.

During the finals, Pinoys who live in countries where ORF is not broadcast, tuned in to the live forum at DigitalPinoy where Aries Fortuna gave a blow-by-blow account of what's actually happening at the show.

The live forum at the website gave Pinoys, who couldn't watch the show, the chance to immediately know the result of the competition.

Fr. Ejay Jarapa who is studying in Rome, was one of those who joined the forum because he wanted to know the fate of Bueno and also to support him.

Jarapa has only recently learned about Bueno from the article that was published on this website on January 9 and was so proud for the Pinoy.

Pinoys from different time zones remained glued at the forum until the end of the competition.

After being declared the winner, Bueno was swarmed by reporters and fans just like the previous Fridays.

Previous reports in major newspapers and magazines in Austria already gave Bueno rave reviews and wild forecasts that he will win.

He was the favorite to win and also the jury's bet but the world still jumped with joy when he was declared the winner.

Bueno, for his part, thanked all those believed in him.

Vincent Bueno-Why God Why-Musical-5.Show

The show ended at 11:30 pm and felt like another New Year's eve for all the fans, friends, believers and supporters of Bueno who have already readied themselves to toast for him, win or lose.

After all, Bueno has long been a winner in their hearts.

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