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Monday, January 28, 2008

Scrap the Order of Sikatuna Award

by Vicente Calibo de Jesus

The Order of Sikatuna is one of the highest, if not the, the Philippine Republic can give to an individual, foreign or national.

It was instituted by Pres. Elpidio Quirino. In the Executive Order creating it, its historical basis was spelled out as the painting of Juan Luna, "Pacto de Sangre." Juan Luna himself, who had not read the Antonio Pigafetta account in 1885 when he executed the painting, did not claim what he depicted was the first blood compact.

Quirino's EO refers to the blood compact as the first peace treaty entered by the Philippines with a foreign country. There are several errors in that assumption:

1. It's not the first blood compact;
2. It's not the first treaty;
3. The event happened when there wasn't any concept of nationhood, and the first treaty, between Rajah Humabon and Fernao de Magalhaes, was between Cebu and the Spanish Crown.

Malacanang, the National Historical Institute, and the National Commission on Culture and Arts are aware of the erroneous historiography behind the Sikatuna award. Recently it moved, not to
scrap it, but add more ranks to the award.

I've discussed this issue at Wikipedia and at a new website, To view the conversation:

Click Talk:Order_of_Sikatuna for
discusion at Wikipedia.

Click HERE for full article on the fallacious premises of Order Sikatuna Award, the need to institute a new name.

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  1. Ang patuloy na pagtaguyod nito ay isang napalaking paglilinlang sa Lahing Kayumanggi.


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