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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Global Filipino Nation Supports Gov. Ed Panlilio's Ministry of Politics and Good Governance

There is a convergence of the goal and strategic directions of the Global Filipino Nation and those of Gov. Ed Panlilio of Pampanga.

The goal of the Global Filipino Nation is effective governance in the Homeland.

Gov. Ed Panlilio has demonstrated that the pursuit of politics could be a clean process, a Ministry of Politics and Good Governance, without the support of special interests and vote buying.

Victory involved the voluntary and offered use of the personal resources of the people, and formally accounting for all political contributions – reversing the opaque practice in Philippine politics.

The centerpiece of Gov. Ed Panlilio candidacy and tenure is effective governance, anchored on good leadership and good governance: inter alia, leadership by example, earned trust, credibility, a vision and rational program for constituents, performance, responsible citizenship, and modest and moral lifestyle.

Within his first 100 days, among others, Gov. Ed Panlilio:

- Introduced transparency, accountability, integrity and performance in public office;

- Rationalized the evaluation and funding for projects at the provincial and town level;

- Initiated steps to streamline and tighten operations of local government units;

- Raised by a significant multiple the level of quarry income; and

- Attained notable strides in activities relating to health care, education, agriculture and aquaculture, livelihood, and others.

Gov. Ed Panlilio has kindled a light of hope that public service can be honorable and meaningful to the lives of the citizenry.

There are elements that are bent on preventing Gov. Ed Panlilio from continuing to pursue his good governance goal – but they shall not prevail over the will of the people.

The Local Government Code grants a Provincial Governor supervision power over mayors, defines the grounds for disciplinary action that could be brought before the Ombudsman or the Sangunniang Panlalawigan, and empowers the Governor to impose preventive suspension.

The Global Filipino Nation strongly supports Gov. Ed Panlilio's leadership and program of government.

The worldwide community of Filipinos – at home and abroad – will take all steps necessary to prevent special interests and traditional politics from destroying Gov. Ed Panlilio's Ministry of Politics and Good Governance.

The people have spoken. Let their word be enshrined forever.


(A multi-sectoral association committed to effective governance in the Homeland, composed of overseas Filipino organizations and leaders, their onshore families and onshore Filipinos, located in the Philippines and countries with Filipinos.)

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