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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo movie racist and discriminatory?

Well based on what I have read on the post and although I have yet to watch this movie it seems that the dialogue is really very racist and uncalled for. Why would someone even include that phrase or dialogue in the story? Well it can be a regular dialogue in a household but on a movie it shows how Tagalogs are discriminatory to Visayans.

Same thing that we see in usual movies or telenovelas were maids are usually from the Visayas and speaks a Tagalog which is common in them because of the nature of their dialect where it contains usually hard pronunciations.

Read on to know the content of the e-mail regarding the discriminatory and racist portion of the movie.

There is an ongoing discuaaion among language preservers regarding what to do with the discriminatory film "SAKAL, SAKALI."

Anti Visayan message of lola to yaya

:"Bakit pinapalaki ninyong Bisaya ang apo ko?'"

Mom to yaya:

"Speak to the child in Tagalog para Pinoy."


Visayans are not Filipinos.

Yes we should write.

To where?

1. Government

There is no government agency at present that addresses the issue of language rights. Where do we write? The Supreme Court?

2. Movie producers, director, script writers, etc..

Does anyone know their email addresses?

3. To the general public

How? We will have to use the national mass media, and they are the ones who are disseminating this kind of discrimination and racism in the first place.


  1. and manila people are confused when we in Mindanao wants independence from the Philippines? ;)

  2. iksakli, ben! iksakli!

  3. i think the Metro Cebu Water District Employees Union was correct bay dihang ilahang gitukod ang AGWWAS (national organization) nga ilahang gihimo nga national office ang Visayas, at least giguba ang idea nga ang national ofc should be up north.

    pero i'm sure naay mo-post ani as a reply spewing diatribes of how to "correct us" that first: it is not the main point, second; the conflict is not between tagalogs and southerners( read as luzon vs visayas and minda) but is between class third; we are regionalistic.

    and kibaw ka unsa atoang ireply? katawa ra gyud. hahaha.

    SOAN alumni decided that they will start a petition - but you know naa koy feeling nga idismiss ni nga futile, dili sha futile if we will campaign against the slur of desperate housewives' episode.

    now, now , where is my new year bang?

    anyway let us wait for the pinoys to reply or the visayans who have become pinoys themselves. wink wink.

  4. ano ba yan! imbes na tumaas ang antas ng pagmumulat/pagpapal iwanag!

    di ba nakuha sa mga dating pag-aaral yan?

    malala na!

  5. hows should dey doing those to among us? paken shet! deyr looked down into pelifinos, specialty da bisaya like i am? each such a rily paken shet. i meant it.

  6. uu nga, anu na ba nangyare? mokhang lomala nga.

    sabe nga namen, wi wel bi chastised, by da korik layn.

    hehe. mabohe ang mga penoy.

  7. Let me share with you these text messages from Charlie Serapio of the National Christian Union:

    "Regardless of the issues the act of belittling can never foster national unity cuz it is a manifestation of disrespect or a violation of human dignity. It is
    motivated by a sense of superiority and domination. Indeed people should be sensitive to people...that promotes harmony as well as a higher value like love of God and country is a unifying force that brings people together..On a lighter note when we worked with our OFWs in HongKong is always amusing to them whenever we share stories of how their Australian, British, Canadian amos note the
    Visayan, Ilonggo, Ilocano intonation of their kids complemented by gmrc that they
    learn from their Filipina amahs..On the whole respect and love are produced by this experience.


    "Thanks likewise for involving me in your advocacy and inspiring me with the passion by which you promote it. Mabuhay!"

    Manuel Lino G. Faelnar
    DILA Philippines Foundation, Inc.
    (Defenders of the Indigenous Languages of the Archipelago)

  8. Grabe. . .! Bay, this is outrageous! We should broadcast (or at least register) our protest to this! Dili nato ni palabyon! Please ask Senator Nene Pimentel to find ways by which we can deliver to the concerned people our protest.

  9. Let me share with you this message from Senator Aquilino Pimentel, Jr: (edited from mobile telephone text language): "SAKAL, SAKALI film should rectify anti Visayan message lola to yaya 'bakit pinapalaki ninyong Bisaya ang apo ko?' Mom to yaya speak to kid in Tagalog 'para Pinoy'. Visayans are not Filipinos?"

    Yes, in this movie the character of Juday says that it is necessary to speak Tagalog and not Bisaya "para maging Pinoy". This is racist and discriminatory. NOT FAIR TO NON NATIVE SPEAKERS OF TAGALOG. The movie implies that the Bisaya are not Filipinos and Binisaya is not a language spoken by Filipinos.

    The scrptwriter, director, producer and Juday should be disabused of their anti-Bisaya sentiments. The Bisaya - Cebuanos, Waray, Ilonggos, constitute a very large segment of the Filipino population and cannot be dismissed as not Pinoy.

  10. This nonsense has been going on for years , majority of the Manila
    people think they are better than the rest of the population in the
    Philippines but yet as I have seen and met them tagalog speaking ,
    they are no better .I 'm from Cebu and able to speak Tagalog
    ,Waray,and English fairly well, so I wonder why Manila people think
    their dialec is so much better , when they come to Cebu they really
    acted stupid , why ?they expect Cebuanos to know their so called
    prime dialec automatically ,but at the same time was not prepared to
    know the local lingo nor English .Ga yaya lang mo da.

  11. To be continued... .. I hope many more non-Tagalog speakers realize
    that the linguistic insults oftentimes uttered by the Tagalog speakers have reached its "limit" and we've got to "push it.

    Daghang Salamat.

  12. Husto ka. so what is wrong with binisaya? I speak it all the time,
    even to non bisayas. Many of the people who matter in this country
    are bisayans. I am bisaya and proud of it!

  13. "I hope many more non-Tagalog speakers realize that the linguistic insults oftentimes uttered by the Tagalog speakers have reached its "limit" and we've got to "push it"." - Prof. Fred

    there is no reason the tagalog language was shoved down the throats of all other native-language speakers other than the tagalog leaders in manila believed that they could do it because they controlled the
    purse strings of the other pre-hispanic independent native tribes.

    it is exactly the same reason that the americans shoved english down
    the throats of all native-language speakers.


    but i'll choose english than tagalog anytime. english is more
    useful anywhere in the world. the right of tagalog leaders to lord it over the other independent native people must be reevaluated.


    ps: i frankly don't care what people decide. i just want people to think outside the box they have been put in and decide what is best
    for them. let not other tribe think and decide for you.

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