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Saturday, December 1, 2007

It Reeks of Evil

Haven't we been silent enough?

They said it well...Dissent without Action is Consent.

From the Garci Tapes, the Annual Junking of the Impeachment Complaints, the Zubiri win that was drenched with the blood of the school teacher who spoke of cheating, the countless counts of corruption and ominous debt, the newest of which were the NBN-ZTE and CyberEd deals, and the brown envelopes (with wads of cash) of Malacanang, which the Glorietta Bombing tried to mask. And lets not forget the girl from Davao, whose cries were as relevant as the rest of the Philippine population who were driven to death by poverty and hunger (death a forced option. end poverty, kill the poor: the legacy of Gloria.), which by a twist of faith got Duterte the smelly fish he wanted which wasn't poverty and hunger (it's just too perfect. too perfect. smells like stepford wives), the Batasan Blast wherein we lost Niki, and now this? A hotel that was riddled with bullets, a tank charging through the hotel doors, tear gas all over, and a group of men who for the second time pleaded to to all of us, to stand up for our rights, to live free from Her lies, but would end up being the guinea pigs of that seditious Anti-Terrorism Law...worse, much worse are the countless nameless, faceless Filipinos who stood their ground and fought for their rights, our right to freedom, justice, and democracy, who faced Her evil head on from the moment she took office in 2001. (just some of my battle scars, you probably can add more.)

Haven't we had enough?


Well I've had enough. See you in the streets.

Have a beautiful day.



  1. NO, dissent without action is not necessarily consent. It is a matter of point of view.

    To those who want to oust Gloria now in whatever means, that is their point of view. For them we should take action NOW for Gloria is the root of all of our problems.

    But Gloria is merely a reflection of a bigger problem. Our bigger problem is us, as a people.

    What is our guarantee that if Gloria is ousted corruption will be eliminated? What is our guarantee that whoever takes her places won't be doing the same thing or maybe even worse.

    Yes GMA is evil but are those who want to oust her saints? Power corrupts.

    If we truly want change, we should start from the very basic. We need to change collectively as a people. Sobra tayong mga pasaway. It may sound to simplistic but we truly have to go back to the basics.

    Our values, manners, attitude, sense of morality, behavior is not really that appealing considering that we are the Catholic nation. The non Catholics in Asia have advanced way, way ahead of us simply because both the leadership and its citizens worked together. The leaders were truly leaders in its very essence while the people practiced good citizenship.

    In our case, both the leadership and the citizenry are just flawed. Trapos rule us while we as a people are just truly pasaway. So whoever we chose to be our leader but we remain to be what we are now, nothing will really change.

  2. the system should change its like were using a wordstar in 2008 whoa its the dawn of vista now thats the sad irony. kahit hindi kayo sumang ayon, pero "AYAW NG PILIPINO NG MALAYA" what do I mean is that, democracy is not our cup of tea, mainam pa yung may dayuhang sumasakop sa ating bansa, (imagine life, we as the US pacific teritory, or were under the colony of japan) hindi nyo kayang itake noh, aha! kaya pala 181 na ofw kada oras ang umaalis ng bansa para kumita ng malaki, sila kaya ang tanungin ko, pero bakit kaya ang pinoy matino sa abroad? bakit kelangan pa nilang magproduce ng 300k makaalis lang ng bansa, tayong tao pa ba ang may problema? bakit kaya ang mga kalsada lubak lubak pa din, tao pa din ba ang problema, o baka gago lang ang pinoy at pilit dumadaan sa mga kalsadang depektibo, nasan nga pala si congressman ngayong yuletide season? kung si gloria eh nasa europe ngayon eh. hays, oo tayong pinoy na ang pasaway ihi ng ihi sa daan, alam nyo tama naman talaga si bayani fernando eh, ang sagot naglagay ng urinals, mga pasaway na bus at jeep eh di may bakod ngayon ang edsa, gago kasi ang pinoy, kaya dapat gagong sulusyon din ang sagot sa problema, alam nyo, mawawala lang ang kurupsyon kapag naibenta na nila ang bansa, yun lang pero hanggang may pinoy na uupo sa gobyerno pusang kinalbo, walang mangyayari sa atin,itanong mo kung ano na naitulong ko sa bansa, simple lang, nandito pa din ako sa pinas, niyayakap ko ang buhay kahit gaano ito kahirap, binabayaran ko ang buwis para gastusin ng mga tarantadong opisyal,may pagbabago, wala, pero masarap mabuhay ng pinas, kahit gaano pa kagulo ang gobyerno,

    "walang himala"
    -nora aunor


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